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From being an important component of modern marketing mixes to becoming a popular choice among marketers and advertisers for their proven effectiveness, Interactive video ads are an integral part of any brand’s campaigns. Airtory has unique and out-of-the-box interactive mobile video advertising solutions that ensure your video ads get the engagement they deserve.

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Interactive Video Ad Uses

Why Use Interactive Video Ads?

Video ads have about 64% to 85% chances of attracting viewers over traditional advertising.

This confirms the power of video advertising across all channels. Including interactive media elements such as forms, cards, etc, enable advertisers to more efficiently communicate with the audiences and promote brands, products, services, etc.

Partnering with us for your interactive video advertising solutions proves beneficial in uncountable ways. Our video ad serving platform ensures that advertisers get more out of the money they spend on each impression by helping them build better looking interactive video ads within minutes that deliver high performance.

Best Interactive Video Ads

Interactive ads are a great way to grab the attention of your potential customers.With engaging, catchy, and creative interactive ads, it gets easier to convey the brand message and achieve a higher conversion rate.

At Airtory, we recognize and understand the importance of including
video ads in digital campaigns and help advertisers create and deliver
top-class ad experiences. With our interactive video ad solutions, you
can create video ads and reach out to your target audience in the
best way possible.

In today’s time, more and more businesses are experimenting with
interactive video ads and trying to level up their video marketing.

Using a video creative builder to create eye-catching video ads
can really go a long way and help you stand out among others.
Here are a few ideas to create some of the best interactive video ads:


A way to reward customers through game thinking and prizes, which leads to better engagement and effectively increasing ROIs.

Real-Life Experiences

Inspire your audience by making them watch stories they can relate to or become a part of, to draw their attention without making it feel like an ad.

Interactive Start/End Cards

A video with relevant thumbnails at the beginning or end is considered as an effective way to boost both engagement and visibility.

Thoughtful Interaction

A perfect blend of creativity, entertainment, and a thoughtful message that compel the audience to watch, think, and click through the CTA.

Entertaining and Enjoyable

The best of its kind interactive video ad that knows people like sharing and relating to emotions and not factual interpretations or statistical reports.

Interactive Video Ad Formats

In today’s highly competitive scenario, customer expectations are constantly increasing, and they want more personalization. As a result, businesses should find ways to stand out among others. Airtory offers a captivating list of different types of interactive video ads, which makes us one of the best video ad serving platforms. All our interactive video solutions fit well with both mobile and desktop views and maximize engagement.

Interactive Video Ad Formats


Ask multiple-choice questions for surveys and polls to increase the effectiveness of awareness, education, or training campaigns.


An ad format that enables users to manually swipe through the collection once they have finished watching the video ad.


Ads that engage the audience through storytelling and make them answer a few questions to help them navigate to the next clips of their interest.

Vertical View

A major chunk of video viewing worldwide happens on mobile. Vertical view provides a suitable canvas for mobile viewing to deliver the message to a larger audience.

Picture in Picture

The ad format lets you showcase a mid-roll video ad without disrupting the original content, and ensures an uninterrupted view.

360-Degree View

A multidimensional perspective that transports the viewer to virtual reality and let them explore the object from every angle.

Benefits Of Interactive Video Ads?

Interactive video ads give the user the ability to interact with the video content. They can click, drag, scroll, or do any other digital action to interact with the video’s content, in a similar way they interact with web content.

In recent times, interactive video ads have quickly become a
well-established and widely used marketing tool. It has a high
engagement rate both on mobile and desktop, which is the
main reason behind the increasing popularity of interactive video
advertising among advertisers.

This is a fact that video, in general, is way more engaging than
static ads. Interactive video ads can take that user engagement
for a brand one step further.

Other than this, here are a few reasons why interactive video is
becoming the need of the hour:

Interactive Video Ad Benefits

Attention Grabbing

Crafting video ads with the best interactive and engaging elements get more audience attention, even when they are selective with their content choices.

Increased ROI

Interactive and engaging elements within or at the end of video ads help advertisers analyse their performance in terms of engagement, thereby allowing continuous improvement with an increased return on investment.

Shared and Revisited

By its very nature, videos are easy to share across and revisit anytime and anywhere. The key here is social virality that keeps your video ad on the top of the audiences’ mind and leads to its success.

High Conversion Rate

Interactive video ads are 3 to 4 times more effective than traditional ads in terms of engagement, completion, and conversion rate.

Interactive Video Ads FAQs

Interactive advertising makes use of online rich media to communicate with the audiences and promote brands, products, services, social & political groups, etc. It transforms the traditional ads into an activity that encourages the audiences to participate and take action by answering questions, swiping images, etc. It engages the target audience with stories, branded polls, surveys, and games, among other activities. Interactive ads usually refers but not limits to online advertising and can also be applied to offline advertising methods like consumer surveys.
With our creative and user-friendly video ad serving platform, users can create impactful and high performing interactive video ads. It is a simple process that takes just a few clicks for the users to discover a suitable video ad template, equip it with the right rich media elements, and deliver impactful ad experiences. Our creative tools not only reduce production time but also saves on the cost of designing, developing, and deploying high-impact and hyper-converting interactive video ad formats.

Video ad serving is the process of how a video ad reaches the users’ mobile and desktop screens.

  • It happens when the user starts playing a video on a site. The site then sends a request to the publisher’s server. This server then sends a code to the user’s browser that tells the location of the video and ways in which the ad can be displayed on his or her device’s screen.
  • Once the details are received, the video player requests the retrieval of the video ad from the publisher. The publisher’s server will determine the type of ad to be shown through the previously shared code and send back an appropriate ad markup.
  • After receiving the ad markup, the video player sends a retrieval request to the advertiser’s server that keeps track of the impression and sends back the appropriate video ad link. Finally, the player will send a request to the Content Delivery Network to be able to show the ad to the user.

Interactive video formats that convert at significantly higher rates include the following.

  • Sign up
  • Carousel
  • Video flow
  • Vertical view
  • Pop-up Banner
  • Picture in Picture
  • 360-degree view
  • Quiz and Surveys

Mobile video advertising means simple video ads that can easily stream on mobile phones and tablets. Because the majority of the population make use of mobile phones to surf the internet, advertisers make use of mobile video advertising to reach out to a larger audience and let them experience quality ads in their preferred ways. The key here is to perfectly optimize the videos for low bandwidth connections and equip them with advanced video streaming techniques for mobile-friendliness. Additionally, ensure that the video content makes sense even without the audio, as the video ads on mobile devices mostly play on mute unless you tap the screen for sound.