6 Key Benefits of Self-Service Advertising Platform

6 Key Benefits of Self-Service Advertising Platform

Sonal Agrawal
Sonal Agrawal

Director of Growth, Airtory

Published on: 11 Jan 2022

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The evolution in the field of digitization is perpetual. As a result, advertisers are constantly employing new and improved tools and technologies to ably meet the growing customer demand. The concept of self-service advertising is what’s new in all this; it offers the marketers and advertisers of the new post-COVID era an even more powerful and comprehensive approach to reaching their prospective customers. 

Let us take a look at this methodology, understand how it works, what makes it different and most importantly, what are the benefits that it offers. 

What is Self-Serve Advertising? 

Self-service advertising refers to a new approach to advertising where the advertiser purchases and places their own ads without the assistance of an advertising sales representative. The self-service ad methodology brings in increased convenience for the advertisers in regard to the creation and placements of the ads, thus leading to easy purchasing, faster turnaround times, and rapid campaign launches. 

Self-service advertising also increases the efficiency of the entire campaign by eliminating the expenses of an advertising salesperson. This allows publishers to offer smaller minimum ad buys than what would otherwise be practical or profitable. Self-service advertising is a concept that is growing in popularity and is increasingly being offered on platforms such as Google, Snapchat, and more.

How is Self-Serve different from Conventional Advertising? 

As discussed, the process of self-service advertising revolves around eliminating the role of an advertising salesperson in charge of purchasing and placing the ads on behalf of an advertiser, and instead realigning that duty to the advertiser itself. The methodology makes use of a low-cost technical automated platform, called a self-service ad platform, which assists the advertiser with the creation and management of the ad campaign in the absence of the salesperson. This helps to reduce office overheads, salary, and other expenses required to process the advertising sold by the salespersons.

Self-service advertising platforms can use text ads instead of banner ads for smaller businesses that may not have graphical ads. This makes advertising easier for them while also saving time when signing up for DIY campaigns.

Key Benefits of Self-Service Advertising

Here are 6 key benefits that self-service ad platforms offer: - 

  1. Lower Costs

Traditionally, the advertising process is slow and expensive. A self-service ad platform minimizes the time required for setting up ads by providing features that are simple to use, and that too at a lower budget while still meeting their needs.  

The organization is able to control costs by managing its own media inventory and campaigns, leading to healthy profits and better ROI. The channels typically leveraged in a self-service advertising campaign are low cost, offer higher ROIs, and focus on local segmented audiences, thereby increasing the purchasing power of a single location while still maximizing the impact of messaging.

  1. Increased Campaign Effectiveness

Self-service advertising enables advertisers to manage variable demographic and contextual targeting options, such as age, gender, geographical location, and more, to ensure that the campaign effectiveness and profitability are maximized. Targeted advertising campaigns lead to reduced spends and maximum ROI. 

  1. Additional Control

A self-service ad platform makes it possible to customize every aspect of an advertising strategy without requiring much effort or engaging in conventional interpersonal processes. This way, the methodology puts all the control in the hands of the advertisers who are then able to make better use of it for increased ROIs. 

It makes it extremely easy to go back and make changes if something isn’t working as per expectations, without delays, or without having to exhaust a considerable amount of budget in launching a new campaign. It brings in the ability to switch directions seamlessly, saving both time and money while removing the strain of improving and adapting campaigns over time. 

  1. Increased Sales

A self-service advertising platform provides you with the right tools needed to streamline the marketing process for faster outputs. This includes aiding the local team of your organization to create advertisements quickly, with a communication tone that is consistent but not identical for each market. Increased speed and responsiveness for local markets will then bring in increased sales as consumers are more likely to search for and buy products and avail services that have a relevant digital presence through the website, social media, and more. 

  1. Improved Analytics

With the right marketing and analytical tools, self-service advertising platforms offer the opportunity to gather important data and analyze it for profitable insights. From understanding the customer behavior and buying mindset to analyzing the customer journey and reasons for sale drops; analytics can help bridge the gap between the advertisers and their targeted customer segments by providing relevant metrics to improve on.  

  1. 24x7 Access 

Working in coordination with an advertising salesperson can limit your capabilities in terms of longer turnaround times. This is true while making changes, placing new orders, or executing advertisements, as well as ease of operation. With the best self-serve advertising platforms, campaigns can be scheduled, updated, and optimized quickly.

Self-service advertising offers increased flexibility and control to organizations in a way to maximize their revenue. With user-friendly interfaces and easy-to-use dashboards, self-servicing advertising platforms are shaping the future of the advertising industry. 

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