Parallax Ad Format

Airtory enables you to build and deliver innovative ad experiences by implementing in-article ad units directly on publisher websites. One of these is the Parallax ad format.

Start creating interactive ads that draw potential customers. Customize creatives to add distinctive features that help enhance engagement and CTR for greater ROI.

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Understanding Parallax Ads

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To get some inspiration or a kickstart on your creative design, you can leverage the available parallax ad units.

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Scroll down the page to view a quick demo on how a parallax scrolling effect appears on a webpage.

Parallax Ads: Innovative & Trendy

Parallax Ads: Innovative & Trendy

Here is why you would want to make parallax advertising a part of your next advertising strategy:

  • Easy to navigate and directs visitor attention
  • Brilliant user interface and better product presentation
  • Different levels of depth and animation stimulate the visitors as it appears to be fun
  • Creates curiosity among the visitors, leading to scrolling through the entire page content and encouraging longer page sessions
  • Makes the brand or business appear more innovative

Parallax Ad Format FAQs

Parallax advertising is where advertisers utilize the parallax scrolling technique to make their ad stand out. It is a style of web design that gives the illusion of 3-dimensional depth. Utilizing the parallax technique for advertising allows websites to add a wow factor with depth animation. This guides the visitors through the site and provides curiosity, resulting in longer page sessions, reduced bounce rate, and greater CTR, which, in turn, enhances the ROI.
Parallax is a website designing technique in which different components of an ad unit, called layers, are set to move at different speeds. As visitors scroll through the page, they will get to see different aspects of the same ad, thereby making it a fun and interesting way to lure them. This technique adds a unique visual appeal to the web page, making the visitors have an immersive browsing experience.

Parallax scrolling can be utilized in a variety of ways to build and deliver unique and memorable ad experiences. Hence, there is no dearth of parallax ad examples to inspire you. To help you better, here are some of the popular parallax scrolling methods.

  • Layered Method
  • Repeat Method
  • Sprite Method

Further, the technique makes it easy to go overboard in terms of creatives and come out with something that makes your ad stand apart and give better brand visibility.