Airtory’s core Experiments Offering allows you to leverage additional ‘out of the box’ functionality surrounding dynamic and multivariate creative optimization, retargeting, ad sequencing and more in our effort to allow greater customization for end user experiences.

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Smart Retargeting Ads


Convert window-shoppers into buyers

  • Airtory’s smart retargeting ads dynamically changes the creative depending on the user’s browsing behaviour on your website.
  • Retargeting ads empowers you to reach people who've interacted with your business or those who’ve added products to the cart but not completed the purchase.
  • Our ads have the power to recapture users’ attention by showcasing your brand’s message or the second layer of message, no matter which other website they visit.
Dynamic Tags for Ad Creators

Dynamic Tags

Experiment with your creatives

  • It is always a gamble when releasing an ad in the market. The best way to know what works best for the brand and resonates with the users is by carrying out A/B Testing of different creatives.
  • With Airtory’s Experiments you can test your creatives for different parameter: Time, Locations and Ratio.
  • The Airtory Studio eliminates the complications involved in carrying out A/B Tests and allows you to carry it out with a single ad tag.
Sequence Ads for Advertising

Sequence Ads

Storytelling like never before!

  • It is challenging to tell a compelling story in the limited space and time digital ads offer. And we love a good challenge!
  • We understand the need of telling a story to your users and enable you to do so seamlessly.
  • With Sequence Ads you can narrate your brand story via different ad creatives no matter which website/app the user moves on to.
  • A pixel follows the user’s online journey and shows them ads in the preset sequence no matter which website/app they visit.