Best Programmatic Advertising Platform

Create optimized, scalable rich media ads with universal ad tags
for seamless programmatic advertising across mobile and web.
No matter where your audience is, Airtory Studio’s programmatic
ad formats
can help you significantly increase the reach and
impact of your digital campaigns.

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Understanding Programmatic Advertising Platforms

Programmatic Advertising

Automate the creation, scaling, dynamic optimization, setting up, and reporting processes for ad placements using the best programmatic ad platforms, and significantly reduce the time and costs involved in the production of interactive, easily scalable programmatic display ads for mobile and web platforms with Airtory’s Creative Studio. Leverage the best ad formats for programmatic advertising platforms to deliver engaging rich media experiences to the right audience.

  • Use Data Feeds and Sets of Rules to Automate Dynamic Ad Creation for
  • Create Dynamic Ad Units, Perfectly Optimized for Programmatic Placements
    • Create Hundreds and Thousands of Creatives on the Fly
    • Emulate Context Based on User-Data Like Device, Location, Etc.
    • Effortless Multivariate Testing for Insights that Fuel Future Campaigns.
    • Optimize Creative Performance with Highly Personalized Ad Creatives
    • Improve Display Ad Performance with Flexible Ad Layout & Design
    • Use Data Feeds to Mass Upload Data to Distribute Dynamic Ads Based
      on Varying Demographics
    • Create Personalized Dynamic Ads that Respond & Adapt to User
      Behavior in Real-Time
    • Make Your Advertising Workflow Faster

Why You Need
Programmatic Advertising Platform

Data-Driven Prospects

Reach the Right User with the Right Ad

Create Ads for Multiple Platforms

Better Efficiency

Ensure the Right Ad is Displayed for the Right Users

Gain Valuable Insights

Complete Visibility Over Campaigns

Manage and Adjust Campaigns in Real-Time

Enhanced User Experience


Best Programmatic Ads

Create display ads, rich media ads, and video ads for programmatic advertising platforms using Airtory’s Creative Studio’s inventory for programmatic ad formats for mobile and web platforms. You can choose from a variety of creative sizes and our advanced targeting capabilities to create dynamic ad units that are adjusted & optimized in real-time to ensure the right message reaches the right audiences at the right time.

Best Programmatic Ads Formats

Display Ads

Design the most engaging creatives that are personalized dynamically for users in real-time. Compatible with all the best programmatic advertising platforms for web and mobile, these ad creatives can be personalized in real-time based on information like user behavior/demographics, placement, location, etc.

Video Ads

One of the most preferred and effective channels for programmatic creative platforms, video advertising can be categorized as In-Stream, Out-Stream, and In-Display ads.

Social Display Ads

Offering enhanced targeting capabilities and a larger audience, Social Display Ads are gaining a lot of traction for programmatic mobile ads placements.

Native Ads

Create natural-looking in-article ads, promoted listings, and display ads that blend with where they are placed, optimized for relevance through your programmatic ad platforms.

Rich Media Ads

Harness the engagement of rich media elements to deliver not only an ad but an ad experience to the right audience with ad tags that can be placed on any of the best programmatic platforms.

What Makes Airtory One of
the Best Programmatic Ad
Builder Platforms?

Best Programmatic Ad Builder Platforms

Create Engaging Ad Experiences

Access data and consumer insights to ensure relevance as you deliver engaging content, personalized in real-time across multiple customer segments. Harness Airtory’s unique advantages for your programmatic ad campaigns and captivate your audience with exceptional ad experiences.

No Technical Expertise Required

Build rich media ads, display ads, and more for programmatic advertising platforms within moments with Airtory’s ad creator. Use the Data Feed Builder to mass upload data to facilitate the creation of thousands of creative personalizations within seconds.

Universally Compatible Ads

Optimize your ads for delivery across a range of programmatic ad platforms. Create universally compatible ad tags that facilitate direct implementation across a range of platforms for automated placements.

Real-Time Analytics

Keep track of the performance of your ads in real-time and optimize campaigns as and when needed for the best results. Airtory offers easy access to reporting interactions for each ad experience, the user journey, and other metrics for performance analysis.

Improve Efficiency

Simplify the creative scaling and real-time optimization aspects of your ad creation and boost ad performance further by automating how ads are adjusted and optimized for different users, based on information like user demographics, online behavior, ad placement, location, etc.

Programmatic Ads FAQs

Programmatic advertising is an approach that automates the sales and purchase of ad spaces across the digital landscape through processes like real-time bidding. Programmatic advertising platforms offer advertisers access to a range of ad spaces across the web, and using platforms like Airtory’s Ad Builder Studio, advertisers can ensure the relevance of their creatives for programmatic placement. The Airtory Ad Builder Studio uses Data Feeds and Sets of Rules to automatically optimize creatives based on information like location, time, device, placement, user information, etc., which makes it extremely easy to reach the right audience at the right time with the right message via programmatic creative ads.

From premium inventory to private marketplaces that have highly relevant traffic, programmatic ad platforms offer access to a variety of ad spaces, which you can target with a number of ad formats. Some of the best examples of programmatic ad formats include:

  • Display Ads
  • Video Ads
  • Social Display Ads
  • Search Ads
  • Native Ads

You can choose from a range of ad experiences, sizes, and formats based on your marketing goals.

The first step in programmatic advertising, for mobile as well as web platforms, is to build engaging ad experiences that are tailored to your target audiences. For this, you need a creative management platform like the Airtory Ad Builder Studio, that allows you to choose from a wide inventory of ad experiences, rich media elements, etc. and provides comprehensive features to produce and scale numerous variations of your creatives for programmatic advertising within moments and requires no technical expertise. Based on the Data Feeds you build, the ad units can also be further personalized across varying audience segments in real-time, churning out thousands of creative variations in no time. The output comes with an ad tag that is universally compatible and can be implemented directly on the best programmatic advertising platforms with ease.

The rest of the process involves 3 main platforms that work together to place your creative in a relevant ad space, using the ad tag. A Supply-Side Platform (SSP) is used by publishers to open up their ad space inventory for sales, while advertisers use a Demand-Side Platform (DSP), which is a platform for automated ad buying and inventory purchase. The third platform is an ad exchange which facilitates the purchase and sales process between SSPs and DSPs.

To begin programmatic advertising for a brand, the first step is optimizing the creative production process for your programmatic campaigns. Once your Airtory Studio account has been set up, you can start creating campaigns and adding creatives to them. You can choose from 400+ ad formats and sizes, and even opt for generic ad creation where you can customize the ad size. You can use the Build Guide, available in Airtory Studio for support.

After having selected an ad format, the next step will include adding creative, video, and rich media assets to build engaging and interactive creatives for your campaign. Using Data Feeds and other user-data, these ads can also be scaled and optimized with ease, automatically, and in real-time, to match user behavior for personalized ad experiences.

On assigning placements to your creatives, universally compatible ad tags will be generated, which can then be placed on any programmatic ad platform. You can select your Media Partner at the time of exporting the tag to add the respective Macro automatically to the ad tag.

Each creative you build will be categorized under a campaign to facilitate easy performance tracking.

Analyzing metrics allows advertisers to understand what works for them and what does not. They also offer opportunities to optimize campaigns in real-time for better overall ROI. Some of the most important metrics from programmatic advertising platforms that should be tracked include:


The impressions (delivery of your creatives to ad placements), interactions (how many users were interested enough to click through), and actions (users that complete the lifecycle aimed for through the campaign, like reaching the checkout page or making a purchase) are crucial in defining campaign success.

Financial Metrics

Ad spend, based on the revenue model chosen (CPM, CPI, etc.) and ROAS are important metrics here.

Performance Metrics

Like CPM, CPC, conversions (post click and post view), conversion rates, CPA, and ROI.

Brand Metrics

Including reach, viewability, etc. The metrics that you must track depend on your marketing goals and campaign. However, with Airtory Studio’s easy access to detailed, real-time reporting, tracking metrics is no longer a complicated process.