Banner Ad Format

With Airtory, create banner ads that customers cannot wait to click. Our advanced ad builder lets you build high-quality rich media banners in a matter of minutes. It gives you access to all the right tools and features to experiment with and put up fresh new ideas for every display campaign. These ads can then be executed in any Display Rich Media Banner inventory across DSPs and Publishers.

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Understanding Banner Ads

Amp Up Your Display Advertising

Rich Media Banner Ads

Rich Media Banners

Highly interactive ad units that include advanced features such as audio/visual elements to encourage viewers to take the desired action.

  • Conversion
  • Engagement
  • Interactivity
Mobile Banner Ads

Mobile Banners

Mobile banners run across mobile optimized websites and can be easily viewed on even the smallest screens. They are either static or animated and make use of attractive and interactive rich media elements.

  • Visibility
  • Cost-effective
  • Smooth implementation
Video Banner Ads

Video Banners

Banners featuring an automatically playable video in an ad unit. They can be expanded for better viewability or clicked upon to land on the brand’s website.

  • Engagement
  • Easy to recall
  • Greater CTR
Interstitial Banner Ads

Interstitial Banners

Full-screen banners that cover the webpage or the app interface to better display the brand message or product features.

  • Interactive
  • Natural transition
  • Greater CTR

Banner Ad Format FAQs

Rich media is a digital advertising term used for banners that integrate audio/video or animated elements to instantly grab attention. These elements have the potential to compel the user to interact with the ad unit and further take the desired action, thereby improving ad engagement and click-through rate. Compared to the standard display ads, rich media banners are said to enhance ROI and reduce ‘Banner Blindness’. Thanks to the ability of rich media elements that offer infinite options to present the brand message and deliver impactful ad experiences.

Airtory offers several different types of rich media banners for you to build your next brilliant campaign. These include,

  • Video banners
  • Carousel banners
  • Interstitial banners
  • Expandable banners
  • Quiz and Survey Banners

There are many more rich media banners, click to explore.

Airtory’s ad builder tool lets you create rich media banner ads in minutes. Our powerful and highly advanced tool enables you to build and deliver high-quality ad units with the help of pre-built templates that are proven to boost conversions. Further, its drag and drop features make it easier for you to experiment with different rich media elements and seamlessly enhance your standard banner ad.

As the name suggests, such ads appear to be a small banner placed anywhere on the page and expand as the user tries to interact with it or get more information. You can easily include a video or a message and leverage the available rich media elements to compel the user to interact with the ad unit. So far, expandable banner ads are one of the most interesting types of banner ads.

While there is a long list of expandable banner ads used by marketers and advertisers, we have tried to squeeze it into the following expandable banner ad examples, which are considered to be the most interesting ones.

  • Multi Direction Expandable Banner (MDE)
  • Lightbox Expandable Banner
  • Sticky Footer Expandable Banner
  • Pushdown Banner