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With Airtory’s drag and drop features, selecting ad formats for creating Rich Media Ads gets easy and efficient. Pick from 400+ Rich Media Advertising formats and deliver quality ad experiences. You focus on your expertise in Design and Ad Copy and leave the technicalities of the ad to Airtory.

Ours is a powerful tool enabling you to combine various user interactions with any of our ad formats and make them easily viewable on different screens and devices.

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The ads that you see while looking for information on Google are just one of the numerous types of ad formats that you can leverage to promote your brand, products or services. Each of these formats has benefits defined in terms of ease and affordability.

Further, the availability of ad formats is based on the type of ad campaign you are planning to create like display or search and its sub-type like a standard or feature-loaded ad. Let us learn about some of the major ad formats from over 400 choices available with us.


Parallax ads are immersive display ad formats that are designed particularly for mobile devices. It makes use of multi-layered animation effects to grab the attention of the audience in a non-intrusive manner. These layers move at different speeds as the user scrolls the page, creating an illusion of depth.

Parallax ads are a type of native ads which are executed inline of the page content, offering a rich and interactive display ad experience that draws potential customers and enables them to engage with it whilst giving them complete viewing control.


Quiz-n-win or Quiz up are types of responsive ads that offer a gamified ad experience to the audience. As the name suggests, the ad comprises questions about the advertised brand, product or service to be answered by the existing or potential customers.

Upon completing the quiz, the user is redirected to the linked webpage or website where the products or services are available. Sometimes, it also features a scoring system where the users are promised discount offers and schemes upon completion.

Page Takeovers

Also called skins within the Airtory Studio, page take-over ads are the best example of rich media ads for both mobile and desktop screens. They are a part of today’s high-impact advertising that instantly grabs users’ attention. Further, advertisers smartly combine rich media elements with videos to create high-visibility full-page takeover ads that effectively deliver the brand message.

When a user lands on a webpage, the ad gracefully overlays the page content, ensuring a great user experience whilst enhancing your brand visibility backed by highly qualified clicks and views.

3D Ads

3D is an intriguing ad experience that gives its viewers an almost real-like experience by bringing the product to life. Airtory offers several types of 3D ad experiences, expandable carousel and photo, both featuring different elements to deliver unique ads on mobile screens. While the 3D expandable carousel lies as a sticky banner at the bottom of the page and expands on clicking, 3D photo ads showcase a single interactive frame with an immersive experience.

3D expandable carousel is among the best examples of native ads, while a 3D photo is a standard responsive display ad type.

Panoramic Ads

360 videos and photosphere are the type of responsive panoramic ads from Airtory’s rich media gallery. 360 video ad format lets users experience a 360-degree view of the product video, which can be viewed by panning the image on the screen. On the other hand, the photosphere features a unique way of panning the image by rotating the device. Clicking on both the ads will redirect the user to the website or landing page.

Reveal Ads

One of the best and most popular examples of rich media ads, reveal ads create curiosity among the viewers to interact with the ad and explore the features of the product or service. Airtory’s ad creator tool offers several reveal ad formats such as Scratch-to-reveal, Peel-to-reveal, Crack-to-reveal, Drag-to-reveal, and Shake-to-reveal. These experiences can also be integrated in page takeover ads to give the users an immersive experience.

Survey Ads

As the name suggests, survey ads comprise a set of questions intending to understand the interest and behaviour of consumers and target audiences. All this is smartly done via rich media display advertising backed by high engagement and interactivity to avoid boredom.

The number of questions and suitable answers can all be customized with different formats to choose from.


Shoppable ads are available in multiple standard ad dimensions making it easy for advertisers to execute them across different traffic partners and reach a wide audience. Additionally, there is an option to add an in-banner video to enhance engagement on the ads.

With the availability of shoppable ads, marketers and advertisers can leverage new tools to showcase multiple products and services in a single ad unit. Each product has a unique URL leading the user directly to the product page to know more details or make the purchase.

Native In-Article Ads

As the name suggests, native-in-article ads like glide and in-banner video glide are optimized to help deliver great looking ads between the natural flow of the page content. Advertisers can leverage high-quality rich media elements in native in-article ads to offer a great user experience without hindering the flow of content.

Glide in-article ads are available in different formats like contact form, static glide, desktop glide, and skin glide. IBV Glide ads combine video and image in a single ad unit and gradually reveal as the user scrolls the page.


A full or half screen video ad format that allows advertisers to seamlessly embed video files or Youtube videos in the middle of the creative to deliver a unique and memorable ad experience. It also includes a ‘Call to Action’ to redirect users to the brand’s website or the product page.

Advertisers consider IBV (In-Banner Video) ads as an effective way to promote a brand, service or product as it ensures the brand presence on the user’s screen throughout the ad duration. It allows them to showcase their video to a larger audience via Display advertising where the inventory is huge and considerably cheaper than video ads inventory.

The paragraph to say about our 400+ ad fromats will show here.

Frequently Asked Questions

Airtory can help users demystify the process of creating a high converting landing page with its landing page builder that comes with advanced features and intuitive design tools. To know how much does it costs to build a landing page, you can easily send in your queries through the website and our representative will attend to you for further assistance.
Airtory’s landing page builder is a one-stop solution for users to easily create and publish high-quality landing pages, and track their performance through its intuitive analytics tools. Additionally, users can add Google Global Site Tag to the landing page built on Airtory and track the traffic in Google Analytics. This will help the users to continuously monitor and improve the pages for maximized performance.

Carousel ads or posts are a swipeable series of cards in a single ad unit. They are a type of ad format that helps maximize audience engagement by combining multiple images or videos. Each ad unit can have up to 10 single images or videos that can be swiped through by the users willing to explore and know more about the brand, product, or service. Advertisers mostly use carousel ads for storytelling or showcasing different products/services.

However, more than thinking can I have a landing page without a website, it is about if you really should. As it is a standalone page with certain limitations in terms of information, text or graphics, you will not be able to provide more information to your audience, and they will be left with nowhere to go. Besides, having a dedicated website will add a touch of authenticity, leading to better conversions.

Lead generation through landing pages can be done by extracting the visitors’ information from the lead generation form that is integrated into the web page to capture their details. The lead data by default is collected at Airtory's analytics and can be downloaded in an Excel format at any point. This is updated real time. Else, you can also get this data sent to a secure client endpoint. Besides, you can pay attention to the following elements to ensure that your lead generation landing page is compelling enough for the target audience to click and provide information.

  • Easy to find and fill forms
  • Strong CTA
  • Catchy message
  • Testimonials
  • Attractive layout
  • Offers and discounts
  • Effective conversion funnel

When learning how to improve landing page conversions, you will have to pay attention to the below-mentioned key elements that play a crucial role in driving traffic to your page. Additionally, you can also add certain interactive and engaging elements like maps, carousel, surveys, ratings, videos, etc. to the landing pages built on Airtory for enhanced performance.

  • Crafting a compelling flow of text
  • Using relevant images and videos
  • Understanding your campaign goals
  • Optimizing the loading time of the page
  • Writing simple and easy to understand messages
  • Continuous testing and improvisation based on user behavior
  • Highlighting the unique selling points of your brand, product or service