Digital Advertising Campaigns: Definition and Strategy

Digital Advertising Campaigns: Definition and Strategy

Julian Frachtman
Julian Frachtman

Chief Executive Officer, Airtory

Published on: 02 Jan 2022

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We often hear agencies and advertisers talking of digital advertising campaigns being an important marketing strategy to help enhance brand awareness, boost sales, generate leads, and more, all to effectively achieve business goals.

In this article, you will learn all about digital advertising campaigns, starting from their basics and fundamentals to the essentials of building an effective digital ad campaign. Towards the end, you will be better equipped to design the best digital advertising campaigns with ideas that can help further your brand’s marketing efforts.

What Is a Digital Advertising Campaign?

As per the standard definition of a digital advertising campaign, it is a set of ad units that revolve around a single message and are intended to achieve a particular goal. For example, a company might create a digital ad campaign to meet objectives like brand awareness, drive sales, or generating leads. All this makes digital advertising a powerful tool for brands to enhance online awareness and visibility, which, in turn, translates to an increased ROI. However, understanding what a digital advertising campaign is would be incomplete without knowing about its fundamentals.

What Are The Fundamentals Of Digital Ad Campaigns?

Imagine the advertising process being a pyramidal structure with a base and an apex, and starting from the base, here are the basic fundamentals that constitute a digital ad campaign:

  1. Research: Before building the campaign, an agency needs to collect basic information through research. This includes the buyers' personas, latest trends, new products in the industry, competitor evaluation, etc.
  2. Strategy: The next step is building an advertising strategy where advertisers analyze problems like a lack of awareness, inefficient solutions, poor brand equity, etc. Then, they construct a game plan to impactfully deliver the brand message and boost sales or facilitate lead generation.
  3. The Big Idea: This is how advertisers will communicate their strategic message to the target audience. It is basically a creative concept for executing the advertising strategy and serves as the central theme for a series of ad units in a digital campaign.
  4. Creative Execution: The final phase that deals with the actual form of the ad unit, including the message, creative, design, video, audio, and other rich media elements based on the big idea. 

Why are Digital Advertising Campaigns Important?

To put it in simple words, digital advertising campaigns are integral for sustained branding and establishing brand connect and recall. No matter how useful or important a brand’s products or services are, the world needs to know that they exist in the first place. Only then will the product be sold or services opted for.

A well-planned digital advertising campaign ensures a brand’s effective promotion, helps find clients, or builds a customer network, and expands the reach. This explains the importance of digital advertising campaigns. However, a good campaign is primarily a mix of a meaningful message, unique ideas, and creative execution. If these things are not in order then the entire digital campaign will be skipped instead of being heard, seen, or read. 

How To Design Effective Digital Ad Campaigns

A lot goes into running successful digital advertising campaigns. Let us give you a walkthrough of the process.

  1. Define your goals

In order to understand what defines a successful digital campaign, you first need to identify your end goal. What do you plan to achieve with your campaign? Who is your audience? You cannot measure the success of a campaign unless you define what you are trying to achieve. Some of the most common digital marketing goals behind ad campaigns include increased sales, brand awareness, conversions, lead generation, customer engagement, etc.

  1. Determine which metrics define success

After you have your marketing goals, you need to think about how you will track progress and measure the success of the campaign. Consider the key performance indicators (KPIs) that align with your goals. These can include metrics like traffic from a particular source, click-through rate, conversion rate, etc.

  1. Choose the right advertising mediums

The best advertising campaigns include a mix of various ad formats that are customized for different digital mediums. You can easily use an ad builder tool like Airtory to design various types of ads for your campaign, but you need to decide which mediums would suit your digital campaign best for reaching your target audience. From social media marketing and SEM to email and content marketing, there are various advertising mediums you can utilize for your digital campaign.

  1. The communication

The message you are putting out there through your ad campaign is a crucial component in any marketing strategy. The best advertising campaigns include content and design elements that are coherent, fluid, clear and concise, responsive, and engaging. You can use a variety of ad formats and rich media elements to create campaigns that garner all the right kinds of attention.

Advertising campaigns are not a one-time thing. The best advertising campaigns are ones that are continuously monitored for their performance and optimized in terms of ideas, message, strategy, etc. to ensure success. While there are popular tools that allow advertisers to monitor their campaigns, some ad builder tools also provide performance metrics to users which make launching, running, managing, and adapting digital campaigns easier than ever before.

When it comes to planning a successful advertising campaign, you need to ensure that your video ads and display ads are on point and in line with your brand’s message. Counted amongst the most effective ad formats today, display ads form a crucial part of any digital campaign, helping brands garner attention, engage the right audiences, and meet marketing objectives. It is very important to design the right kinds of display ads, and with Airtory, you do not even require any technical knowledge to create the most appealing rich media display ads for a successful digital ad campaign. The ad builder platform also offers programmatic advertising capabilities, which can further help expand the reach of your digital campaign, delivering better ROI than ever before.

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