Ad Trackers

All Airtory ads are inbuilt with top-class trackers providing metrics at all levels of the creative to help track and optimize performance. These trackers are also available as a stand-alone solution to incorporate within your non-Rich Media ads.

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Premium Ad Trackers

Premium Trackers

All our ads are integrated with top-class Impression, Click and Engagement Trackers. Ensuring that statistics for all ads are reported to the T.

Smart Ad Trackers

Smart Trackers

Airtory’s real-time analytics is powered by our smart Trackers enabling you to keep a close eye on your campaign performance and make changes on the fly.

Conversions Trackers


Our Conversion Trackers will help you identify how many users take an action on your landing page. Be it a form fill or an e-commerce transaction, our conversion tracker will tick when the user completes the final step only.

Viewability Trackers


It is important to gauge how many of your ads are actually viewed by your audience and we help you do that with our Viewability Trackers. Further, recent studies show that advertisers are not content with the industry standard of a viewable impression. It isn’t enough if the user sees only 50% of the ad any longer. To tackle this problem and give advertisers flexibility, we present to you, customizable viewability trackers.