Creative Management Platform (CMP) and its Benefits for Advertisers

Creative Management Platform (CMP) and its Benefits for Advertisers

Ashwin Krishnakumar
Ashwin Krishnakumar

Chief Technology Officer, Airtory

Published on: 14 Feb 2022

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While the increasingly digital landscape has brought in a lot of convenience for advertisers, the wide scope offered by the field has also made for a lot of grunt work in the creative process. However, today, advertisers can utilize a suitable Creative Management Platform (CMP) to tailor, test, and optimize the creative aspects of their digital campaigns. A creative management platform is a type of programmatic, creative marketing technology that can help modern advertisers easily meet the design needs of their digital campaigns.

What is a Creative Management Platform?

Creative management software is one of the best examples of ‘Martech’, which is a growing field in advertising. Martech is about using technology to optimize the execution of digital marketing strategies and can help advertisers build, execute, manage, and measure their campaigns with ease.

For a basic definition, a creative management platform can be referred to as a centralized platform that offers a host of capabilities to perform numerous tasks in the creative production lifecycle. It is a cloud-based tool that makes creating, monitoring, and distributing content easier than ever before.

The significant number of media channels that are available today generally come with their own unique specifications that advertisers need to follow to publish their advertising content. The constant requirement of having to update the formats of your creatives makes for a tedious and highly inefficient process, which has made it pertinent for advertisers to adopt a more practical and scalable approach. The utilization of the right Creative Management Platform (CMP) can help advertisers reap a number of benefits, like centralized control, better ROI, shorter turnaround times, and high flexibility in creative deployment.

Your Very Own Mini Production Agency

Using a creative management platform offers marketing teams freedom from monotonous tasks like resizing creatives for different platforms, ensuring compliance with different media channels, etc., thus allowing them to invest their time and energy in strategizing more personalized and impactful advertising campaigns. Advertisers can choose from a variety of creative and ad management platforms based on the functions being offered. Which is the best creative management platform for you would depend on your advertising needs, strategies, and the functions offered by the CMP, as well as its operational capabilities across various channels and digital formats.

A creative management platform can significantly reduce production times from weeks to mere days, offering you greater control over your data and ads and ensuring enhanced efficiency as the most basic and repetitive processes, like manually publishing ads and adapting them for different platforms, are removed from the list of responsibilities that the marketing team has.

Benefits of Using Creative Management Software for Advertisers

The definition of creative management platforms makes it abundantly clear that the software can help advertisers efficiently manage the creative aspect of their campaigns. In addition to that, these tech-enabled ad management platforms have a lot more to offer.

Improved Production Efficiency

If you have an amazing campaign idea in the morning, then with the right creative management platform, your campaign can go live even before the day comes to a close. The features that facilitate enhanced efficiency include automated creative adaptations, real-time editing, and more. The best part about using creative management software is that you do not need technical knowledge or coding skills to be able to use the platform; it offers access to technologically advanced tools and features with an easy-to-use interface that can be used by anyone.

Using Creativity to Drive Engagement

A basic ad management platform is generally always a part of creative management software and can help advertisers remove the hours and hours of work involved in advanced ad creation. From scaling creatives to meet varied requirements to individually coding the numerous HTML5 elements, a major part of ad production can be automated to allow the marketing team to do what they do best, which is designing newer and better campaign ideas and strategies.

Ease of Use and Ad Production

With the right creative management platform, advertisers can produce a wide range of creatives and brand messages that are tailored for different target audience segments. Apart from this, based on the software you choose, you can create some amazing rich media campaign examples with a creative management platform, and add interactive elements like videos, which can then be tested for their reception, helping you get valuable insights to better your marketing strategy.

Again, based on the vendors and the creative management platform you choose, your ads will be hosted in-platform which will allow you to edit and refine banners in real-time, without having to re-publish after every iteration or minor change.

Ensure a Collaborative Workflow

As creative management platforms are cloud-based, they enable brands and advertisers to collaborate on projects regardless of their geographical location. All team members and stakeholders can access the platform and collaborations are facilitated directly, in-platform, ensuring complete transparency and removing the need to share files or documents.

This structure helps marketing teams act in quick time across a number of ad production workflows, which goes a long way in enhancing functionalities, getting rid of the need for complicated, long, and confusing mail trails.

Offering a unified platform for accessing all creative and brand assets, creative management platforms also offer complete visibility to all team members. For example, even if an ad is live, a copywriter can quickly fix any content issue they come across in real-time. Similarly, designers can fix typeset or graphics issues, translators can work on the localization of the campaigns, and so on. This helps remove a common production bottleneck pertaining to communication and cross-departmental collaboration.

In any industry, a competitive edge can be a game-changer for brands and to harness this advantage, advertisers need to integrate an intelligent approach into their ad production processes. Creative management platforms that offer reduced ad production times, more efficient processes, and features like ad creators, data collection and analysis, scaling, real-time editing, and much more, may just be what you need to get ahead of the curve!

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