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Advertisers can enrich their marketing with Airtory’s top-quality HTML5 ads that are the way forward in the digital advertising space. As an HTML5 Ad Builder, Airtory Studio helps make the ad outputs high on quality and performance.

Leveraging the intuitive tools and advanced features, advertisers can include advanced animations and interactive elements, which load at high speed to ensure capturing the user’s attention. Along with that, the ad quality in terms of the sharpness of the images and colours is exceptional, making it easily adaptable to various devices and screen sizes.

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HTML5 Ads Builder

Understanding HTML5 Ads

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HTML5 Rich Media Ads

Grab eye-balls

The overall look and feel of HTML5 rich media ads can help to instantly grab attention. Ad units such as reveal, carousel, quiz, etc see higher engagement from the audience. Further, such ads are flexible enough to allow advertisers to delve into the realm of creativity and come up with innovative ideas like never before.

Enhance creativity by HTML5 Ads Builder

Enhance creativity

Creativity is at the heart of HTML5 rich media ads, be it display or video. They offer advertisers an exhaustive list of formats, elements, and shapes, and sizes to experiment with and deliver unique ad experiences. Besides, they can be seamlessly integrated with graphics to boost engagement.

Improve clicks by HTML5 Ads Builder

Improve clicks

HTML5 ads ensure to help improve the click-through rate of an ad that leads to the brand’s website or landing page. Thanks to its seamless experience and integrated rich media elements that help enhance engagement and boost the CTR, which, in turn, provides greater ROI.

HTML5 Ad Builder FAQs

Frequently Asked Questions

HTML5 ads make use of the latest HTML5 technique combined with the rich media elements to help advertisers build and deliver high-performing ad units. They are a type of web banner ad created with the help of HTML5 files that can be developed using HTML and CSS codes. The main purpose of using HTML5 ads is to offer audiences a high quality and engaging ad viewing experience.
To be able to make HTML5 ads, you will need to partner with a creative management platform that offers a highly intuitive and user-friendly HTML5 ad builder tool. It comes with an ad creator function, allowing you to build high-performing HTML5 ads in a fraction of time. The creative management platforms offer a 360-degree ad solution right from coding to adding interactive rich media elements.

Airtory offers a variety of HTML5 ad formats to inspire the creative advertiser within you. You can leverage these high performing, rich media ad formats and build and deliver great ad experiences across platforms. Explore the ad formats here to find the right match for your brand, product or service.

An HTML5 ad builder is a platform that allows advertisers and brands to build and deliver high-quality HTML5 rich media ads without the help of a third-party salesperson or a designer. Its smooth and easy-to-use interface even eliminates the need for any technical skills. Simply select the best match from the available pre-set templates, upload the ad assets, and you are done. By all this, it helps to significantly save time and operation cost.