Create captivating ads with Airtory that elevate your brand to the next level. Airtory’s Creative Management Platform lets you build great looking and high performing rich media ads in an instant.

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Create And Serve Ads in A Jiffy

Supercharge Your In-House Creatives

For brands that are building their in-house programmatic media creation and buying capabilities, Airtory provides them with innovative ad serving solutions to enhance their ad performance and ROI.

Brands get better control and management over their programmatic media campaigns and highly efficient ad creation and serving. This lets them focus on achieving their brand goals.

Design, develop and deploy high-impact ad and landing pages easily and conveniently using our digital ad server without the need for expensive HTML5 programmers or technology.

Leverage The Best Ad Server

Select From Hundreds of High Performing Formats

With numerous options to select from, there is no dearth of creativity for advertisers while designing high-quality ads that are perfectly in sync with their strategy and budget. All they need to do is scroll through the available options to find the right match and get started. Being able to select an ideal ad format to deliver quality ad experiences makes Airtory one of the best ad servers for advertisers to market their brand.

Customized Ads That Speak To The Audience

Airtory makes building rich media ads so easy that it can seamlessly take the place of standard ads. Leverage rich media elements like animation, and audio/visuals to make them more interactive and eye-catchy. This way, the target audience is more likely to engage with the ad unit and even take the desired actions, thereby resulting in greater conversions and revenue.

Build Brand Awareness And Widen Reach

Leveraging the high performing ad formats combined with highly interactive rich media elements, advertisers can expose the brand’s message to a wider audience, translating to greater visibility and reach. As one of the best ad servers for advertisers, Airtory enables having a highly personalized marketing approach that effectively caters to existing and potential customers with greater chances of conversions

Partner with the best ad server for advertisers, Airtory, and have everything that requires to build and deliver high performing ads for the brand.

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Besides the obvious creation and delivery of ads, ad servers for advertisers allow them to manage and optimize their campaigns and get detailed performance metrics of the ads, which in turn helps in enhancing the effectiveness. Designed on the same lines, Airtory’s creative management platform helps advertisers provide innovative solutions to the brands and help meet their advertising objectives.
Finding one of the best ad servers can be a challenging task as it requires a lot of research. However, with Airtory, your task becomes a whole lot easier. It is an advanced creative management platform that lets you build and serve ads in a quick and hassle-free manner. Besides, one of its key driving factors is cost-effectiveness, thereby letting the advertisers and brands save more time and money.

Top ad servers for advertisers like Airtory are known for their ease and convenience. However, these are just two of the characteristics that enable advertisers to have the best ad serving experience. Other aspects include: -

  • Innovative technology
  • Advanced and intuitive features
  • Efficient and cost-effective solution
  • Flexibility to optimize ad placement
  • Access to detailed metrics with 100% transparency in performance