What are the Different Types of Video Ad Templates?

Ashwin Krishnakumar
Ashwin Krishnakumar

Chief Technology Officer, Airtory

Published on: 14 Jul 2021

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Importance of video ads in online marketing

With digitisation taking over the business world, online is the new way to go. However, when it comes to online marketing, advertisers have to be very careful about what and how they choose to display their products and services. One of the best bets in that regard is video ad formats. They are engaging and appeal to those who are looking for a brand’s products or services. As for new and upcoming brands, disruptive ads sure tend to pique the curiosity of a lot of users. 

Today, start-up businesses, as well as established brands, are opting for video advertisements as they allow their businesses to connect with the right audiences in an interactive and objective-oriented manner i.e. in ways that talk about the brand or business while ensuring to keep the audience engaged and entertained. 

As a result, advertisers are willing to spend more on types of online video advertising than any other format, which has, in turn, contributed to the popularity of video advertising formats in display marketing.

Types of Video Ad Templates for Online Marketing

There are several kinds of video ad formats that a business can explore. This includes: - 

In-stream video ads

One of the most common types of video ad templates that most online marketers and advertisers opt for is in-stream video ads. In this type of ad, the video is played in the video player before, during, or after the content. In-stream video ads are further divided into: –

  • Linear Video Ads: These ads take over the entire space of the video player and can be divided into pre-roll, mid-roll, and post-roll ads, depending on when the video plays in the content. This type of video advertising is called linear because they are sequentially played in line with the content. 
  • Non-Linear Video Ads: Non-linear video ads are those that play simultaneously with the content. If you click on the ad, the video content also pauses. They are categorised into overlay ads and non-overlay ads and gives you the option of either taking up the full video player space or redirecting the user to your website when they click on the ad. 

Out-stream video ads

Another common type of video ad that online marketers opt for is out-stream video ads. In this type of ad, the videos are not accompanied by any additional video content. They can be created independently without the necessity of being wrapped around a blog post or a different video, etc. They are further divided into the following types: –

  • In-Page Video Ads: They are embedded video players on the website that are present only to show the user a video ad. For this, the website must have a good amount of space and should be easily responsive. 
  • In-Banner Video Ads: For in-banner ads, you have two categories: 
    • Collapsible in-banner ads, and 
    • Expandable in-banner ads. 

The collapsible in-banner ads take a larger area of the website in the beginning and then shrink down to the standard banner size when the user interacts or automatically as per a set duration. Expandable in-banner video ads, on the other hand, have the standard banner size while playing the video but give the user an option to expand the video and watch in a larger area, overlaying the web page content. At Airtory, we offer various kinds of in-banner video advertisements. Our formats include Video Wall, IBV Glide, Video Shopper, advanced 360 video ads, and much more. 

  • In-Article Video Ads: These are video ad templates that are placed in between the content on the website. You have some chunk of the content in the beginning. As you read and scroll, the video player auto-plays the ad and stops when the user scrolls down to read the remaining content. 

Interactive Video Ads

One of the best types of video ads that ensure strong user engagement, the interactive video advertising format encourages the user to participate by clicking on the ad or taking an action that is asked for. They use interactive online media platforms like web banners, videos on the website, and so on, with the primary focus of making the user interact with the ad. Add to this, interactive video ad format can also have interactive end cards and helps brands and businesses to create awareness, generate leads, boost sales, and much more.

Going the Airtory Way

Airtory lets you create different types of video ads whichever the advertisers may choose. In addition to in-stream ads, Airtory also offers several options of IBV ads which help advertisers utilize a wider and cost-effective display inventory. We have various options like interstitials, responsive, native, and so on, which brands can opt for.

For example, the Survey interstitial format, allows the advertisers to play a video message that is followed by a survey. The survey questions are customisable and the advertiser can choose to add several questions which could help give them insight directly from users. 

Other than this, if you want to attract your audiences or website/platform users to take any action, a display video advertising format is the way to go. Creating a display ad that also includes a video will encourage the user to click on the link that redirects them to a landing page, further increasing the chances of prompting the user to take an action.

At Airtory, we also create other kinds of video advertising formats like in-stream video ads, in-stream with interactive elements, picture-in-picture ads, and much more. Our range of multiple video ad options allows the advertiser to choose according to their preferences. 

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