Landing Page Builder for Lead Generation

The Landing Page Builder within the Airtory Studio gives advertisers a chance to build a consistent post ad click experience in a single platform. Using 38 different components, you can easily create location discovery, lead generation and product-focused landing pages among others.

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Beautiful Landing Page Builder

Design Beautiful Landing Pages

A good landing page builder helps marketers and advertisers create professional-looking pages complemented by increased conversions and better ROI. It allows them to pick from a wide range of landing page templates and supporting components that are tested for their effectiveness in terms of conversion and lead generation.

One can easily design and publish high-quality landing pages on the fly using Airtory’s top lead generation landing page builder, all without the support of a developer. It is more than a simple landing page builder with tools and features that allow creating, tracking, and optimizing pages for maximum impact.

The builder can help you avoid bottlenecks and launch landing pages with one of the available quick-launch templates, fully customizable to match your brand, product, or service requirements. Further, it allows you to track the page performance with the help of intuitive analytics tools, enabling you to optimize the layout and ensure robust performance.

With everything in one place and without any complicated integrations, you can launch all of your campaigns quickly and easily, especially when your landing page builder offers the best pre-built layouts.

The Anatomy Of A Perfect Landing Page

  • Attractive heading
  • Complementing subheading
  • Clear and concise message or information
  • Testimonials for trust-building
  • A strong call-to-action
  • Apt use of interlinking
  • Keep it above the footer
  • Continuous testing and improvement

A perfect landing page is clear, crisp and concise, so that it does provide essential information but does not drive away the visitors due to information overload. Besides flawless design, a high-quality landing page also pays attention to its entry and exit pathways. The goal here is to funnel the visitor and seamlessly drive them to the desired location or compel them to take the desired action.

But, why should the visitors click on it in the first place. Landing pages are often discovered by users looking for more information than what they saw on the Google search results through keywords. Each page has its purpose, be it to act as a gateway, to sell or inform, spread brand awareness, and several other reasons that compel the target audience to perform an action like subscribe, purchase, sign-up, etc.

One needs to put in their best possible efforts to drive traffic to their landing pages with the hope of converting visitors into customers. And if their pages do not entice their prospective customers, then it is all a waste of time, money and effort. This is when the importance of designing eye-catchy landing pages come into play.

While there is no formula for having a perfect landing page for lead generation or sales, certain rules of thumb can result in high performing landing pages when strictly followed.

Types Of Landing Pages

Landing pages are categorised into Static and Dynamic. Further, there are different formats available that one can pick from to make their campaign successful.

Static Landing Page Builder

Static Landing Pages

Standalone web pages that make use of persuasive elements like customer reviews, social proof, engaging media to convince the visitors and convert them into customers.

Dynamic Landing Page Builder

Dynamic Landing Pages

Web pages that display different messages to the audience depending on their user behaviour, location, and keywords they searched for, thus increasing the chances of conversion.

Create Quality Landing Pages Without A Developer

Qur best landing page builder helps you create lead generation or sales and other high performing pages. These pages are highly responsive across devices and different browsers, thus increasing visibility. All in all, we provide a one-stop solution that closes the loop and provides everything one needs to create and publish successful campaigns.

Landing Page Builder Without Developer

Build a page on your own

Our landing page builder’s easy drag and drop tools and a wide range of templates allow users to transform their dream campaign into reality in much less time than a developer.

Meet the exact requirements

Design exactly how you want the landing page to look. Customize templates for both desktop and mobile screens with simple clicks and drags. All with our best landing page builder.

High Conversion Rate

Get detailed performance reports of the landing pages to see what is working. Add Google Global Site Tag to the landing page built on Airtory and track the traffic in Google Analytics.

Fast Publishing

Publish the designed landing page straight to the website or to the custom domain and start generating quality leads.

Lead Generation Landing Page Builder

Benefits of using a Landing Page Builder

One of the biggest reasons advertisers and marketers are unable to create effective landing pages is that they cannot find easy and economical methods to build dedicated pages for their campaigns. However, using our easiest landing page builder can help them with this hiccup along with other proven solutions.

  • Pre-built templates
  • Easy to use tools and features
  • Creating optimized experience
  • Focused on value position
  • Assisting in improved conversions

Landing Page Builder FAQs

Frequently Asked Questions

Airtory can help users demystify the process of creating a high converting landing page with its landing page builder that comes with advanced features and intuitive design tools. To know how much does it costs to build a landing page, you can easily send in your queries through the website and our representative will attend to you for further assistance.
Airtory’s landing page builder is a one-stop solution for users to easily create and publish high-quality landing pages, and track their performance through its intuitive analytics tools. Additionally, users can add Google Global Site Tag to the landing page built on Airtory and track the traffic in Google Analytics. This will help the users to continuously monitor and improve the pages for maximized performance.

The concept behind creating a landing page is to have a standalone digital asset to promote your brand, product or service. So, the answer is yes, you can create a landing page without a website.To fully own the landing page made on Airtory, the user needs to own a domain. If not, it will by default be

However, more than thinking can I have a landing page without a website, it is about if you really should. As it is a standalone page with certain limitations in terms of information, text or graphics, you will not be able to provide more information to your audience, and they will be left with nowhere to go. Besides, having a dedicated website will add a touch of authenticity, leading to better conversions.

Lead generation through landing pages can be done by extracting the visitors’ information from the lead generation form that is integrated into the web page to capture their details. The lead data by default is collected at Airtory's analytics and can be downloaded in an Excel format at any point. This is updated real time. Else, you can also get this data sent to a secure client endpoint. Besides, you can pay attention to the following elements to ensure that your lead generation landing page is compelling enough for the target audience to click and provide information.

  • Easy to find and fill forms
  • Strong CTA
  • Catchy message
  • Testimonials
  • Attractive layout
  • Offers and discounts
  • Effective conversion funnel

When learning how to improve landing page conversions, you will have to pay attention to the below-mentioned key elements that play a crucial role in driving traffic to your page. Additionally, you can also add certain interactive and engaging elements like maps, carousel, surveys, ratings, videos, etc. to the landing pages built on Airtory for enhanced performance.

  • Crafting a compelling flow of text
  • Using relevant images and videos
  • Understanding your campaign goals
  • Optimizing the loading time of the page
  • Writing simple and easy to understand messages
  • Continuous testing and improvisation based on user behavior
  • Highlighting the unique selling points of your brand, product or service