Landing Page Builder

The Landing Page Builder within the Airtory Studio gives advertisers a chance to build a consistent post ad click experience in a single platform. Using 15 different components, you can easily create location discovery, lead generation and product focused landing pages among others.

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Improved Conversion Rates

We are not alien to the fact that users drop off from an ad’s landing page because there is a disconnect between the messaging on the ad and the message on the final destination. One of the biggest reasons for this is advertisers don’t find an easy or economical method to create campaign-specific microsites. With the Airtory LP Builder, you will be able to build dedicated microsites for campaigns too. This helps deliver further optimized experiences to users, focused on the value proposition of your ads and your campaign, further improving conversion rates.

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Dynamic Landing Pages

The Airtory LP Builder has seven preset layouts that are fully customizable. In addition to this, you can choose from over 15 Landing Page components to build a fully responsive HTML or AMP page. The drag and drop method of these components makes it easy to preview and edit the Landing Page as per the requirements.