Best Ad Serving Platform for Publishers

Airtory’s Creative Management Platform allows publishers to significantly save on ad operations overhead, leveraging Airtory’s 80+ native units and 350+ rich media templates while still delivering value to their advertisers and impactful experiences to end-users.

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Creative Management Platform (CMP)

Understanding a Creative Management Platform (CMP)

Creative Management Platform (CMP) is an advertising technology that has rapidly grown within the advertising industry. It is a cloud-based software that acts as an ad server for publishers and allows them to build, scale, publish, and optimize their digital campaigns with a range of tools rolled into one easy-to-use platform.

Airtory’s ad serving platform provides publishers with quality solutions to sustainably grow their advertising revenue. Our platform is supported by cutting edge advertising technology to manage ad operations like implementing Rich Media ad units, tracking advanced ad metrics including user engagement, and tracking conversions. Our easy-to-use self-serve ad platform allows them to deploy dynamic display and rich media interactive ad units across all devices accurately and efficiently.

How Do We Help Publishers?

We are a one-stop mini production house offering a wide array of features for users to create and deliver high impact advertising campaigns with maximized ROI.

Track Advanced Ad Analytics

Track Advanced Ad Analytics

Access to detailed and real-time analytics, such as user engagement, viewability, time spent on the ad, etc. This brings quality metrics at your disposal to effectively run future campaigns.

Easy-To-Use Ad Serving Platform For Rich Media Ads

Save time and money on ad creation and ad serving costs. A simple pricing model helps you better control costs on your end and pricing to your customers.

Manage Multiple Demand Partners

Access to quality ad management features and tools that gives the ability to manage several demand partners or advertisers at the same time along with multiple rich media campaigns from a single platform.

Efficient Selling Of Advertising space

Supercharge your direct sales efforts by bringing your pitch units to life in RFPs. Serve relevant ads that increase conversions and click-through-rate for your ad campaigns.

Leverage Airtory’s Landing Page Creation Suite

It is a value add to your direct-sold campaigns. Driving traffic to a custom and dedicated page will improve campaign narrative and performance as well as differentiate your value proposition.

Why Choose Airtory?

Take Control of Performance

Take Control of Performance

Airtory is among the best ad serving platforms that help publishers differentiate their offering and drive greater performance with a wide array of native and programmatic ad formats, hyper-converting landing pages, real-time ad serving analytics and other tools. Plus, it lets publishers control their ad creatives and run A/B testing experiments with just a few clicks. This helps reduce time and effort spent on manual work while achieving higher ad performance.

Enjoy 30-200% Extra Revenue

One of the best ad servers for advertising solutions to automate workflow and boost revenue. However, it depends on the website traffic, placements and the performance of existing ads. Build a standard list of audiences bridging the major sectors of your clients, make use of a bespoke set up for high-value advertisers, determine a suitable advertising strategy for the client, together resulting in maximised revenue.

One Tag To Rule Them All

Our best ad server lets publishers tap into unseen revenue opportunities throughout their inventory with a single, easy to use tag and no complex coding. We assist in creating, deploying and managing dynamic display and rich media interactive native ad units across all devices. Our units perfectly blend in with the content and are highly customized to fit specific page layouts, further preserving user experiences. With highly engaging interactive experiences, tap, shake and scratch your way into the audience’s heart!

Self Serve Plus

Launch and optimize campaigns, get comprehensive reporting at ease on our new Self-Serve Plus software. Make your guaranteed inventory accessible to more customers by listing off-the-shelf placements. Give your customers the right ad serving tools they need to be able to create and manage engaging and high-performing advertising campaigns on the flight dates and the native formats they want.

Publishers FAQs

An ad server is a platform that serves ads. It makes use of advertising technology to help publishers, advertisers and brands create, manage and run a digital marketing campaign on multiple websites. The technology brings the entire scope of your digital marketing efforts in one place; from media planning, ad trafficking, targeting to measuring performance and receiving the invoice.

It takes a lot to find the best ad serving platform that promises to provide you with a full-stack advertising solution. Paying attention to the following factors will help you make a wise decision and find the best ad serving platform to promote your client’s business.

  • It has easy to use interface
  • It offers multiple ad formats
  • It supports your sales strategy
  • It provides the facility of ad testing
  • It gives access to real-time analytics
  • It allows the dynamic creative optimization of ads

Also known as a first-party ad server, ad servers for publishers allow users to manage the ad slots on a website and display ads that have already been sold to the advertisers via direct campaigns. It is responsible for making various decisions like deciding what ad to display on a particular website based on parameters such as target audience, impressions, CTR, etc. All in all, it is a complete end to end advertising solution for the publishers.

3rd party ad servers like Airtory can be used by publishers to easily create and manage high-quality ad campaigns and collect data like clicks and impressions to track performance. Additionally, it can also be used for creative optimization like modifying ad elements and A/B testing. Together these features help the publishers deliver quality rich media ad experiences. There is a small fee for using it, but the benefits it brings easily outweighs the cost

Ad serving platforms come with intuitive tools that bring the management, serving, tracking of ads at the easy disposal of advertisers.

Tracking the performance of your ads is one of the most important things to do. An ad server allows transparent reporting of the ad metrics right from inventory breakdowns to ad viewability reports, making it easier for you to make necessary adjustments. Simultaneously, it lets you ensure that the publishers or traffic sources you are working with are accountable for their authenticity.