What are Interactive Ads and How Brands Can Benefit from Them

What are Creative Interactive Ads?

Julian Frachtman
Julian Frachtman

Chief Executive Officer, Airtory

Published on: 10 Aug 2022

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There is no denying the fact that the old adage, ‘Content is King’, holds true to date when it comes to establishing a successful and effective marketing strategy. What has changed, however, is the ‘content’ that goes into these strategies and campaigns. In today’s modern times, when internet penetration has reached significant levels and almost all brands are vying for space on the digital landscape, gaining and retaining the attention of the tech-savvy audience is becoming harder and harder. In the bid to come up with newer ways of engaging users, creative interactive ads have surfaced as a good way of establishing two-way conversations between brands and their audiences. Interactive content, when used right, offers an excellent way to boost engagement, helping brands stand out from the crowd.

What is Interactive Content and Interactive Advertising?

The best examples of interactive content are those that manage to evolve the experience of users from passive consumption to active engagement. In simple words, interactive content is something that encourages participation from the audience, through which it conveys the brand’s message.

There are several types of interactive content like videos, images, infographics, landing pages, quizzes, polls, etc. that marketers can utilize to create successful campaign strategies.

The use of interactive content in marketing strategies enables brands to deliver a personalized experience, improving advertising effectiveness.

Types of Creative Interactive Content Advertising

Brands can create interactive content in several formats, based on their target audience and marketing goals. Various ideas for interactive content advertising can be utilized to improve a digital marketing campaign.

  • Augmented Reality

The concept of augmented reality is about achieving a slightly different version of reality using digital elements. This is one of the best ideas for interactive content today as it allows users to create their own ‘content’ with the products they’d like to purchase from the brand. AR can be used to let customers interact with different products to find the one they would like best, like by trying on clothes or seeing how certain pieces of furniture would look in their home. Several online ads today are integrated with AR capabilities, which has taken display advertising to a whole new level. AR not only allows users to have some fun with its features but also enables them to get a closer view of a product before actually having to purchase it, facilitating them to make more informed decisions. Another benefit of such ads is that they help foster stronger brand-customer relationships. 

  • Playable In-App Ads

This type of interactive content allows users to try out products before having to buy them first. A snippet of the experience that your product or service has to offer can be integrated into the ad, which will be placed within another app. Almost like a trial run, the right kind of playable ad can help improve conversions for a brand.

  • In-Game Ads 

Mobile game apps are only getting more popular by the day, offering advertisers a great opportunity to improve their reach. Promoting billboards, sponsored features, and organizing events are some interactive content ideas that can be used here.

  • Interactive Display Ads

Display ads are the most popular type of digital ads and can be found almost everywhere. Using interactive content can help improve engagement and ROI. These types of ads allow for contextual targeting as well. In these ads, banners can be designed to open, showcasing your message as a game, poll, video, etc.

  • Interactive Video Advertising

Using interactive elements to show product details in video ads is also a popular form of interactive advertising. Allowing users to become a part of the story makes these types of ads more memorable.

  • Interactive Social Media Ads

Popular social media platforms like Facebook and Instagram offer a plethora of opportunities for brands to engage with their audience. Personalized product quizzes, giveaways, live videos, voting polls for products or services, etc. are some examples of interactive content for social media platforms, which can help brands establish two-way conversations with their audience, promoting engagement. Interactive video content like live streaming is another great way to increase brand loyalty through real-time communication with your audience.

  • Interactive Landing Pages

Landing pages are created with the aim to generate conversions. You can use a top landing page builder to add interactive elements that pique the user’s interest, convincing them to convert into a lead. Here, interactive elements refer to elements that are ‘clickable’ and allow users to interact with them. However, this does not mean you make anything and everything on the page clickable. Instead, you should add interactive elements in a manner that bring users’ attention to the most important aspects of the page. Pay attention to the small details, like affecting a cursor change when hovering over a clickable element, not having too many mandatory fillable fields in your forms, using video to deliver essential information, and using animations to enhance the overall design, etc., to improve user experience. You can consider adding polls, quizzes, surveys, and animated infographics as well.

Benefits of Interactive Ads

Offering a personalized experience to users, interactive ads offer a number of benefits, including:

  • Allowing potential customers to become a part of the brand.
  • Improved social interaction between brands and audiences.
  • Combines content with better consumer experiences.
  • Increases engagement rates.
  • Let’s brands get more feedback from their users.
  • Optimizes lead generation and conversions.

There is no denying the fact that using interactive ads can help brands improve user engagement, conversion rates, and customer satisfaction, and help brands create a stronger impression. Utilizing the right interactive elements in your next digital campaign will allow you to reap the numerous benefits that come with interactive advertising.

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