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Here is how our best advertising platform can help you in creating and delivering innovative ad experiences.

Steps to use Ad Builder Tool

Easy 3-step Process to Create Ads

Creating Rich Media Ads with Airtory’s ad builder platform is a walk in the park. Our ad builder software empowers you with an ad toolkit to produce innovative and interactive digital ads within minutes. You concentrate on the look of the ad and we have your back(end) covered!

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Universally Compatible Ads Builder Platforms

Universally Compatible Ads

Send your brand message to all corners of the world with the universal ad tags available on Airtory’s ad builder software. We understand your requirement of pushing ads across various platforms to reach the right audience. Airtory Ad Tags are compatible across Ad Servers, DSPs, Ad Exchanges along with independent publishers.

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Best In Class Ad Builder

Best in Class Analytics

Airtory’s landing page creator and ad builder tool provide detailed real-time metrics at every step of the user journey. The data-driven optimization and performance of the creatives will ensure maximized impressions and ROI on your advertising spends.

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Wide Range of Interactive Formats

Airtory has over 400 ad formats for advertisers to choose from. Start building yours today!
Mobile Interactive Formats

An innovative format that lets users have an immersive ad experience with an illusion of depth created with the help of multiple images. Ads in this format are placed in-article and different image layers of the ad move at different speeds as the user scrolls through.

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Mobile Interactive Formats

A simple ad format that illuminates the 3D cube rotation. The cube has 4 images, one each on its 4 sides and displayed one at a time to the user when the cube spins around 360 degrees. It is one of the innovative advanced animated ad formats available on the Airtory ad builder platform.

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mobile mockup

The map unit on Airtory’s digital ad platform is ideal for advertisers to point the users in the direction where they can avail their services or purchase their products. The introductory image showcases the product and the map is revealed on user interaction. The dynamically optimized map unit detects the user’s location and gives directions and ETA to the closest location.

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mobile mockup

Airtory Native Ads are designed to give a new and interesting spin to the traditional Native Ads, which organically fit in with the website content. Glide Native ad is one such ad experience offered on our ad builder that reveals the complete ad on user scroll. Different elements such as video can be added as a second step of the interaction, conveying further information to the user.

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mobile mockup

Airtory’s Wrapper ad experiences have given a new meaning to page takeover ad formats. These formats seamlessly integrate with the available ad space around the website content, ensuring 100% share of voice on the page and an option to add various interactive elements that would provide further information to the users whilst increasing engagement.

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Working with Airtory’s team to integrate their platform into our proprietary creative production technology stack is driving timelines that are 30-40% faster than they were previously. Speed is everything, and now we can not only deliver completed creative faster, but we’re also able to increase our decisioning speed to drive superior results for our clients.

Frequently Asked Questions

A user can simply fill in their details here and someone from the Airtory’s team will reach out to them. On a successful subscription, he or she will be able to use Airtory’s ad builder tools and can start creating impactful rich media advertising experiences on the go. It offers a range of built-in ad templates, drag and drop components and other intuitive tools that allow users to streamline ad creation and improve turnaround time whilst reducing overall production and operational costs.

One can look up to Airtory’s ad builder to help give life to his or her dream ad campaigns. Besides taking help from an ad builder, there are certain things that one needs to keep in mind to be able to create high performing ad campaigns. These include,

  • Selecting a suitable ad format
  • Keeping the message clear and concise
  • Including interactive rich media elements
  • Testing before making the campaigns live
  • Monitoring performance through detailed analytics
  • Continuous optimization for enhanced performance

A creative management platform combines a variety of advertising solutions for marketing and advertising professionals into a single cloud-based platform. This makes it a mini production house that provides one-stop solutions for its users to create, test, deploy, and optimize advertising campaigns on the go.

Airtory’s ad builder platform offers a variety of rich media ad formats and sizes that are best suited for different screens and browsers. Some of these formats are mentioned below. These include,

  • Skins
  • Video
  • Native
  • Banner
  • Square
  • Wrapper
  • Half-Page
  • Standard
  • Interstitials
  • Responsive
  • Expandable
  • Leaderboard

Universally compatible ads are a great way for advertisers and marketers to maximise the reach and ROI of their campaigns. This is contributed by the ability of such ads to seamlessly fit different screens and browsers, offering personalized viewing experiences. These automated ad types can be created in minutes with the help of a host of advanced features and intuitive tools offered on Airtory’s ad builder platform.


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