How to Choose The Best Landing Page Builder?

How to Choose The Best Landing Page Builder?

Sonal Agrawal
Sonal Agrawal

Director of Growth, Airtory

Published on: 31 Jul 2022

Reading time: 4 minutes

A landing page (LP) is a specific page of a website that a visitor lands on after clicking on an email, banner ad, video ad, etc. This page is basically designed to convert visitors into leads or urge them to make a purchase. Designing a landing page from scratch can be a time-consuming and complicated process; this is where a landing page builder can do all the legwork to help you create effective and user-friendly LPs. An efficient landing page builder makes creating, editing and publishing your LPs convenient and faster. It is a smart alternative to the manual process of creating and publishing landing pages and requires less skill, time, and effort.

Benefits of Using a Landing Page Builder

A landing page builder helps to create optimized landing pages which, in essence, focus on driving customers within the sales funnel towards making a purchase. There are a number of benefits of using a landing page builder: -

Pre-built Templates

With a landing page builder, you get access to a large number of pre-built templates that you can choose from to create landing pages that are not only attractive but complement your website’s overall theme as well.

Easy to Use Tools and Features

A landing page builder comes with several integrated tools and features to make things easier for you. All you have to do is use a particular feature or component to carry out a task instantly that would have taken a lot of time otherwise.

Create Optimized Pages

You can create LPs that are attractive, engaging, and high-quality. These pages are user-friendly and most importantly, serve the purpose they have been actually built for (capturing visitor information for lead generation).

Improved Conversions

Landing page builders come loaded with advanced features and efficient design tools to ensure that you can create a high-converting landing page.

Track Performance

The most efficient landing page builders give you an option to track the performance of the page you created using Google Analytics or in-built analytics. This will help you to monitor how well your landing page is doing and make improvements to maximize the performance.

Features to Look for in a Landing Page Builder

There are a few aspects that you must consider while choosing a landing page builder. Having the best landing page builder onboard can eventually help drive maximum conversions: - 

Professional Templates

Always explore the range of pre-built templates a landing page builder offers before you take your pick. Choose the one that comes with a large number of templates that are visually appealing and look professional. 

Mobile - Optimized

Almost every website receives a significant amount of traffic from mobile browsers. So, it is important to choose a landing page builder that allows you to create landing pages that are mobile-optimized.

Integrated A/B Testing

A/B testing is the best way to determine what attracts your target audience. When you use a landing page builder with integrated A/B testing, it gets easier to test your campaigns and improve the performance based on the statistics.


There can be times when you might feel the need for some additional features in your landing page builder. To make sure of that, it is important that you pick from the best landing page tools that offer seamless integration with other third-party tools so that you can get the required functionality without any extra effort.

Multiple User Accounts

You should always choose a landing page builder that allows you to create multiple user accounts. This way, the landing page builder can be accessed from anywhere by anyone and help in collaboration.

To check out some examples of inspiring landing pages that you can refer to, click here

What does Airtory’s Landing Page Builder offer?

Airtory’s landing page builder helps you create professional-looking and high-performing landing pages which are complemented by increased conversions and better ROI. These pages are fully-responsive, mobile-optimized, and can be displayed across different devices and different browsers, all of which result in maximum impact. 


You can choose from the widest range of pre-built templates and components to create a landing page that serves the right purpose. And, with the help of drag and drop tools, you can easily make all the required changes to the page.


Airtory’s landing page builder will help you create pages that match the overall design and theme of your website. You can pick a pre-built template and customize it for both desktop and mobile screens with a few simple clicks and drags. It also allows you to make changes to the landing page, if the need arises, in real-time and publish it instantly. 

Performance Tracking

You can get detailed performance reports of the landing pages you have created. This will help you check how well a particular page is performing. When you keep track of the performance of a page, it gets easier to understand what changes are required to maximize conversions. Additionally, Airtory’s landing page builder also supports Google Analytics, helping advertisers conveniently keep track of traffic there are well.

Fast Publishing

Airtory’s landing page builder allows you to publish your designed landing pages straight to the website or to the custom domain so that you can instantly start generating quality leads.

Gone are the days when in-depth knowledge of coding used to be the first requirement to create a landing page. Now, things have become simpler and easier. All you need is an efficient landing page builder that can create an attractive and high-performing landing page for your website in no time. Choose right and stay sorted!

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