How to Create a High Converting Landing Page

How to Create a High Converting Landing Page?

Sonal Agrawal
Sonal Agrawal

Director of Growth, Airtory

Published on: 17 May 2021

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How to create a landing page is not complicated but requires a fair share of effort. A landing page, as the name suggests, is where visitors ‘land’ when they click an ad that may have caught their attention. However, it is not enough to just get a visitor to your page as the main goal of a landing page is to help increase conversion rates. When you build a landing page, you need to see further than how the page ‘looks’, which means going beyond simply designing a landing page; you must ensure that it resonates with your target audience.

If you are wondering how to make a landing page that can help with conversions so you can reach your marketing and business goals, here is a small guide to help you out.

What is a Landing Page?

Generally, the main reason to build a landing page is to supplement a specific sale, product, or campaign. However, your homepage or any other page that you manage can also be used as a landing page.

The key to a successful landing page lies in how people find your page and the reason why the page exists. Every page has a purpose; it may be informative, feedback-driven, or can be a gateway to the rest of your website, but its purpose is to increase conversions.

Before discussing how to create a high converting landing page, it is important to understand the benefits that a well-planned landing page offers.

Benefits of Landing Pages that Convert

Beyond increased conversions, effective landing pages offer a number of advantages:

  • SEO Ranking: When you build a landing page, you target specific search terms and the page is also promoted through Google AdWords and other paid mediums. This helps improve the SEO ranking of your product, promotion, or campaign.
  • Upcoming Sale/Product Promotion: Dedicated to a single campaign or product, a landing page furthers the conversion for that campaign or product. It also allows you to isolate and track the performance of the same.
  • Makes Subscribing/Buying Processes Efficient: A landing page can help visitors move more efficiently down the funnel as the CTA (Call To Action) is clearly mentioned on the page itself.

The Process of Creating a High Converting Landing Page

Instead of thinking about what will catch the audience’s eye and how you should communicate your message, work your way backwards and first decide what you plan to accomplish with the landing page. Then think about what you want to convey to the audience i.e. what you have to offer. Afterwards, think about the keywords people may use to search for solutions that you provide and put in the research to come up with the relevant SEO keywords set. Apart from these, for building effective landing pages that convert, you need to ensure the inclusion of the following elements:

1. An Irreproachable Headline: 

Interest and understanding – all begin with the headline. How to build a landing page begins with a headline that is short yet manages to grab the reader’s attention and inform them about your product/service.

2. Subheads that Influence: 

If your headline makes them look, make sure the sub-headline makes them stay. The subhead can go into more details about the headline but needs to have a persuasive tone to it. The head and subhead should work well together.

3. Visual Appeal: 

Visual content is an essential component of how to make a landing page work. The human brain processes images faster than text, which means that as soon as they ‘land’, the visitors will first notice the images on your page. As you decide what images you want to include, focus on high-quality, relevant images and visuals for the best effect.

4. The Explanation: 

To create landing pages that convert, you need to make sure what you are offering is communicated clearly to your audience. What you need to understand here is the fact that the explanation may not always be a standalone element. It can instead be an aim that your page needs to accomplish. If the visuals, head, and sub-head manage to convey what you are saying, you are good to go!

5. Mention the Loss: 

Loss and pain are strong human elements that people are hard-wired to try and avoid. So, illustrate the problem that you plan to alleviate with your service/product. However, don’t just leave it at that. Be sure you relieve the pain. There is no point in mentioning a problem without highlighting the solution you offer.

6. Add a Dash of Happiness:

Every person out there, either consciously or subconsciously, seeks happiness. So, when you plug in your service/product, don’t just sell the solution, illustrate the happiness it can bring to someone’s life. Showing your audience how what you are offering meets an emotional need can really do a lot for your conversion rates.

7. Your Calling Card: 

A physical address, phone number, plugins for your social handles, and other contact information add legitimacy to the landing page. Adding methods of contact strengthens trust in the company and helps eliminate any friction in the conversion funnel.

8. The Guarantee:

A seldom ignored aspect in how to create a landing page, a guarantee can go a long way in reassuring your visitor and improve the likelihood of their conversion.

9. A Strong Call to Action:

The most important element of how to build a landing page that works, the Call to Action (CTA) is what the entire landing page is driving the visitors’ attention to. Add a compelling CTA and make it big! Make sure the CTA flows seamlessly and logically at the end of the landing page. Adding a CTA as an easy-to-click button in a contrasting colour can also help.

How to Create a Landing Page without a Website

As the concept behind landing pages is to create a standalone digital asset for a particular campaign, product, sale, or service, the landing page itself can be created without the main website.

However, more than how to create a landing page without a website, it is about whether you should. As mentioned, a landing page is dedicated to a single solution. This means that if a visitor needs more information, they have nowhere further to go. Having the main website also lends your landing page a touch of authenticity, which makes conversions more likely.

Tips on How to Create a Landing Page that Works for You

1. Find the Best Landing Page Builder

If you have very little idea about how to make a landing page, find a page builder that offers landing page templates. The builder you choose in the end depends on your skill level and your needs. However, it is important that you choose a builder that offers access to analytics and A/B testing so you can track the metrics of your page with ease.

2. Emphasise Your Value Proposition

 Not necessarily a standalone element, but your value proposition should be highlighted on your landing page. While a list of benefits is the best way to do so, make sure you do not sound like you are bragging. Listing down the benefits of your product/service for the customers is a good way to go about it.

3. Less is More

Keeping things simple on your landing page makes it easy for your visitors to navigate the page and convert. So, make sure that you get to the point and do not overstuff your page with too manymuch unnecessary design elements.

4. Showcase the Social Proof

An important part of how to create a landing page, social proof is the number of tweets, pins, subscribers, likes, shares, etc. that your company has. This is the contemporary way of displaying the trust people have placed in your company. If your social presence is not that strong yet, testimonials from real people (with photographs) can also go a long way.

5. Add a Video Element

Taking the preference for visual content further, video elements are slowly becoming the most preferred medium of communication these days. Grab the attention and include all the basic elements of a landing page in the video, and you have yourself a winner.

6. Limit the Number of Required Clicks

In how to make a landing page work, keeping all elements on one page is very important. You are more likely to lose visitors if you ask them to click off the page before they reach the CTA. Starting with the explanation, cover the benefits, include testimonials, and end with your CTA, for a persuasive landing page structure.

7. Keep an Eye on the Metrics

Whether you use an ad builder software or put in some time to learn how to create a landing page, you need to track the metrics to track its performance. After you build a landing page, how to ensure its effectiveness is the next important task. Use the metrics to understand what works and what does not and modify your campaign accordingly.

It is important that you know how to create a landing page that works well, for conversion rates are an important element that defines the success of a business. From engaging site visitors to converting them into customers, this guide on how to create a landing page can go a long way in ensuring the success of your next digital campaign.

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