6 Things Advertisers Must Look for in a Creative Management Software

6 Things Advertisers Must Look for in a Creative Management Software

Sonal Agrawal
Sonal Agrawal

Director of Growth, Airtory

Published on: 26 Jul 2023

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In today’s fast-paced digital landscape, manually managing the digital advertising sprawl is no longer practical and sustainable. To churn out better ad experiences and increase ROIs, brands increasingly look for automated and multi-channel advertising software to cater to numerous audiences and devices. A creative management platform, or CMP, is a mini production agency for brands that allow performance marketers to create, distribute and measure the performance of their ad campaigns. From creating endless ads to launching the ads and offering useful insights into the ad campaigns, a CMP is designed to do all the heavy lifting for you.

In its simplest form, a CMP is a cloud-based software that allows advertisers to reduce time, maximize ROI and automate the production of impactful and personalized advertising. CMPs are also a great programmatic advertising platform that is ideally suited for programmatic, omnichannel, and onsite advertising as well. That being said, here are six things that advertisers must look for in creative management platforms to drive better results.

Multiple Ad Experiences to Choose From

A good CMP software is one that lets advertisers utilize multiple ad formats to curate unique, interactive ad experiences for their audience. The CMP should allow advertisers to optimize their ad personalization capabilities using advanced dynamic creative solutions to tailor the creative as well as brand message for different audience segments on a real-time basis. While selecting a CMP, advertisers must look for dynamic creative optimization features for creating engaging ad experiences with ease. Ready-to-use templates for both video and display ads and an easy-to-use ad builder are additional benefits that advertisers can seek when looking for the right creative management software.

Scaling Capabilities

When advertisers want to look for advertising software, they must look for ones that can do away with repetitive tasks. Scaling ad creatives is one of the steps in digital ad campaigns that require multiple back and forths, which takes up most of the time. Since advertisers cannot do away with the step due to ad fragmentation on each channel, the value of CMPs is realized even more. With a good CMP at disbursal, advertisers don’t have to spend time designing each ad or writing the copy for each ad for different channels.

Rich Media Ad Support

Creating rich media ads often require complex coding, which can sometimes be tricky for the designer. This is where a creative management platform comes in handy. When advertisers are on the lookout for CMPs, they must ensure the platform can make HTML5 rich media and video ads, which can then be tested for their reception. The automation feature in creative ad solutions, like in creative management solutions, works together to make the production of rich media ads easy without the need for complex coding. CMPs allow advertisers to create their ads using drag-and-drop builders where they can simply add features like polls, forms, gaming elements, etc. that are available in the form of widgets. These widgets take care of the technical aspect of rich media ad creation, making it extremely easy for advertisers to create interactive HTML5 ads in just a few minutes.

Collaboration within Marketing Teams

Another useful feature that an advertiser must look out for in CMPs is its ability to collaborate within the teams. The better the communication within the teams, the better the output will be. With a great creative management platform, the advertising team will not be facing stalled productions, unrequired feedback, or endless email chains. This help teams cut down on costs, time, and effort.

Cloud-based Publishing Tools

Advertising teams often face downtime when it comes to editing, reviewing, and scheduling files over and over again, which ultimately makes it difficult for teams to keep track of things at once. Another best benefit of introducing a creative management platform in your workplace is its ability to host on the cloud, eliminating the need for repetitive tasks. A CMP can schedule ad campaigns in advance, which saves up much time and effort for advertising teams.

Real-time Performance Statistics

Analytics of ad campaigns is key to seeing your true costs and getting a good ROI from your digital campaigns. With creative management software, advertisers can quickly implement changes in their ad campaigns to create a better one that elicits a response with the help of real-time performance analytics. The analytics feature in CMPs shows useful metrics, such as click-through rates, impressions, clicks, ad engagement events, video statistics and views, and several other metrics. Hence, advertisers must look for real-time analytics features to choose a CMP to see exactly where and how the viewers are interacting with their ads.

To conclude, creative management platforms assist brands and advertisers in streamlining their advertising campaigns and optimizing their overall marketing spend. With the advent of technology, it is evident that teams can collaboratively mitigate all the complexities and embrace creativity with the help of creative management platforms. With a creative management platform as an advertising tool, advertisers can customize their ad campaigns to their requirements, cutting downtime while also ensuring creativity at its core.

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