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Advertising Software: Build Ad with Best Ad Creation Software

Julian Frachtman
Julian Frachtman

Chief Executive Officer, Airtory

Published on: 20 Aug 2022

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Today, brands are spending a lot of time and money and exploring numerous new vistas to be able to reach the right online audience. However, it all goes to waste if, in the end, a brand is unable to engage the target audience or is unable to convey the right message. So, how does a business ensure engaging ad campaigns that they can monitor and analyze in real-time and modify if required, while also ensuring low costs and high conversions?

Using efficient software for creating advertisements may just be the solution you are looking for!

Understanding Advertising Software

Advertising software or an ad builder platform can go a long way in making the process of advertising much easier and more efficient for brands. They can help streamline the overall process of creating successful digital campaigns, helping you do everything, from using rich media to create engaging content and designing interactive ads to creating hundreds of variations for different platforms and audience groups in a few clicks and even managing all the ad variations in real-time.

An efficient ad software basically provides marketers with an array of tools that assist them in the creation, management, and real-time modification of various display ad formats. The best part of using advertising software is that you do not require any specialized knowledge of coding for you to be able to create the most interesting and effective digital ad campaigns.

These platforms are also referred to as self-service software, as they offer marketers complete freedom in not only creating engaging online ads but also in the ability to monitor and manage their campaigns at their convenience and in real-time.

Choosing the Right Ad Creation Software for Your Brand

With the easy availability of numerous software to create advertisements, it becomes important for any marketer to put due thought and research into making an informed decision. Before choosing a self-service ad creation and delivery software, here are some aspects you should consider to better understand your requirements:

  • Your budget
  • Your marketing goals; whether you want brand awareness, increased sales, etc.
  • The features you need beyond the basic ones required for launching ads: optimization, analytics, universally accepted ad scripts, etc.
  • How many channels do you want to span with your digital campaigns
  • Types of ads you want to create: native, retargeting, display, video, etc.
  • If you plan to create ads from scratch or will prefer templates to work with
  • How familiar you and your team are with using ad creation and delivery software

Next, in choosing the best ad creation and management software, you need to look for the following:

  • What tools do they provide?
  • How is the pricing determined? Is it suitable for your budget?
  • How robust and responsive is their customer support?
  • Do they provide analytics and campaign reports? What do these reports cover?
  • The client portfolio: Who else is using the platform?

What Will the Best Ad Creation and Management Software Bring to the Table?

You have the right to ask why you should put so much time and effort into finding a suitable ad builder platform for your brand. While conventional methods of advertising have helped brands grow significantly in the past, changing times call for a better approach, which has led marketers to self-service and ad builder software. These softwares are not only beneficial for marketers but publishers as well, allowing them to automate and streamline the bidding and ad placement processes.

Some of the top benefits of using ad software include:

Complete Control: Ad builders offer marketers complete control over their ads and digital campaigns, allowing them to customize almost all aspects of the campaign. Marketers can also monitor the performance of the campaign with real-time analytics, which can be used to optimize the campaign in real-time as well.

Cost-Effective: These platforms provide features and tools that allow marketers to lower the overhead costs involved in creating digital campaigns. The ability to manage your own media and inventory, utilize better targeting, and modify campaigns in real-time further add to the cost-effectiveness of ad builders.

Save Time: Technologically advanced tools, expansive features, automated adaptation for various platforms, and much more help ensure enhanced production efficiency.

Convenient Access: Making changes to live advertising campaigns was not an easy and quick process in conventional advertising. However, you can access ad builder platforms at any time and from anywhere, which only makes real-time changes and modifications easier to manage for digital ad campaigns.

Maximized Effectiveness: In online advertising, the importance of demographic targeting, such as based on age, gender, geographical location, etc. is second to none. It helps marketers launch campaigns that can help increase profit margins significantly. By using a self-serve ad platform, marketers can effortlessly manage all of these demographic and contextual targeting options in the best way that helps maximize campaign effectiveness and profitability.

Gone are the days when in-depth technical knowledge used to be the first requirement for creating effective rich media digital ads. Now, creating high-performing advertisements that leave a lasting impression does not require much, thanks to all the advanced advertising software available today. Businesses can create ads that are able to drive more website traffic, enhance brand visibility, and generate higher-quality leads.

Airtory’s ad builder and creative management platform allows advertisers to conceptualize, create, test, and launch rich media ads effortlessly. Launching and managing digital ad campaigns in a streamlined manner becomes easy with Airtory!

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