Efficiently Scaling Ad Production with Creative Automation

Efficiently Scaling Ad Production with Creative Automation

Ashwin Krishnakumar
Ashwin Krishnakumar

Chief Technology Officer, Airtory

Published on: 30 Nov 2023

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Creating and launching digital ad campaigns involves a lot of effort. It is not all about just coming up with new ideas, as the production process for creating ad units based on the new ideas can also be quite lengthy. Apart from this, scaling ads for serving across various platforms and channels is yet another story. Creative variety is essential in digital marketing. Implementing creative automation and automated ads personalization can significantly speed up production to meet demands.

What is Creative Automation?

Creative automation using software, or a platform, can significantly help streamline repetitive, manual tasks in marketing asset production, so teams can rapidly scale campaigns efficiently. With such advertising automation platforms, less time is spent on the drudgery and high volumes of visual content can be generated quickly. This enables visual content to reach wider audiences without compromising brand consistency, visual identity, personalization, or quality.  The creative process is augmented by ad automation in production, freeing up the capacity for coming up with more impactful ideas and campaigns that are aligned with brand values. 

This way, brands gain agility, scale, and consistency as crucial advantages in the crowded digital landscape. By leveraging the capabilities of digital marketing automation platforms, brands can produce a high volume of creative interactive ads in a fraction of the time as compared to manual creative production. Hence, digital marketing automation can prove to be quite a game changer in terms of productivity and performance in campaign creation.

Benefits of Creative Automation

Research by Hubspot indicates that marketers who effectively leverage digital marketing automation are 46% more likely to be successful with their digital campaigns than those who don't. With automated solutions for PPC, display campaigns, etc. marketers can unlock more creative versatility to engage audiences across multiple channels.

But the benefits of automated ad creation, scaling, and personalization span beyond increased variety and scale, as any good creative automation system has numerous advantages to offer, including:

Faster Production

Creative automation helps marketers accelerate campaign deployment, especially when facing pressing deadlines, high demands, limited resources, or a need for a rapid response to events or new contexts. Even for a single campaign, variety is key for engaging audiences with optimized creatives. Advertising automation allows for the creation of tailored creatives in high volumes quickly. The speed and scale also do not compromise on quality or consistency. Automation brings indispensable agility when timing matters most.

Rather than manually creating numerous design iterations, it is always a good idea to opt for ad automation platforms that can help you rapidly produce many variations in minutes.

Maintenance of Consistency with Brand Communications

Consistency in communication builds trust and recognition by aligning creative assets, ads, digital presence, etc. with the brand identity. When producing high volumes of visual content across marketing channels, maintaining cohesion with brand assets is vital. After all, consistency ensures that the marketing efforts manage to resonate with the target audience.

Scale Your Work and Efforts

Leveraging creative automation to handle repetitive, time-intensive tasks is a smart move for increasing output without having to expand resources. Offloading repetitive work to automation frees up creators for more strategic efforts. Streamlining collaboration and reviews through built-in workflows also helps scale production faster. The right automation platform empowers teams to scale creative excellence efficiently by reducing the manual efforts that often hinder productivity. Further, stakeholders can access the platform directly, so files don't need to be shared externally. This facilitates transparency and eliminates the need for confusing email trails.

Personalized Campaign Creation

When targeting different buyer personas in your campaigns, relevant messaging tailored to each audience set drives better engagement. Creative automation platforms enable easy personalization at scale while maintaining the visual brand identity. By centralizing brand assets, it's simple to translate and replace text for localized campaigns using Dynamic Creative Optimization for automated content placements in real-time for viewers based on real-time user data. With the right automation in place, personalized and localized experiences can be delivered efficiently across digital campaigns.

Reduced Errors

Producing a high volume of creative content on tight deadlines can lead to errors. But advertising automation minimizes such mistakes in rushed campaign executions. Rather than manually adjusting each asset, you can focus efforts on properly structuring data in CSV files. The automation platform then handles applying that data across many visuals flawlessly. This hands-off scaling approach reduces the chance of human errors in repetitive work.

Reduce Unnecessary Costs

Manual creative processes are often inefficient and expensive. An all-in-one creative automation solution significantly cuts costs by streamlining the entire ad campaign process. Centralized brand asset libraries, templates, and collaboration tools empower teams to easily produce on-brand content at scale.

Easier A/B Testing

A/B testing compares an original ad (A) against a new variation (B) to see which performs better. It eliminates guesswork, enabling data-driven decisions to optimize marketing. With continuous A/B testing of images, copy, etc., digital advertising platforms can be used to determine what resonates most with the audience to improve engagement and overall ROI.

The Benefits Offered by Social Display Ads

Social display ads are one of the best use cases of effective implementation of creative automation in digital marketing. The creation of social display ads can be automated to utilize a brand’s most successful social media posts for display ad campaigns across the internet. Well-performing social media posts are repurposed as programmatic banner ads which have already proved to be highly successful among the audience on the social media platform. Social display ads involve an automated repurposing of engaging creatives and posts, which are then delivered to a larger audience base with ease. It takes the research and strategizing that went into a social media campaign and adds a programmatic boost to it, surpassing the boundaries of social media platforms, and helping the brand significantly expand its reach.

How to Find the Right Creative Automation Platform?

Finding a creative automation ad platform is not a difficult feat seeing the numerous choices that are available online. However, it is important to choose a platform that enables creating, scaling, publishing, and optimizing digital ad campaigns with ease through an easy-to-use interface. When evaluating options, marketers should choose an all-in-one solution that speeds up their creative designing and ad production processes.

Features of creative ad platforms that advertisers can prioritize to drive better results

  1. Scaling Capabilities & real-time editing.
  2. Data collection and analysis.
  3. Detailed analytics and insights on ad performance.
  4. Generation of universally compatible ad tags for easy serving.
  5. Dynamic creative optimization features.

Ultimately, the goal is to reduce time spent on repetitive tasks, allowing more focus on ideation and strategizing.

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