Consumer Opt out


As explained in Airtory’s Privacy Guidelines, Airtory collects various types of non-personally identifiable information (non-PII) to help tailor advertisements you see on websites and in applications on your mobile device. This information may include non-PII browser or device-specific identifiers (such as mobile device advertising identifiers, IP address or your browser’s user agent string), non-PII demographic and interest information provided by third parties, information about the websites and apps that a browser or device interacts with, information about the advertisements a browser or app displays, location data, and other similar information. Airtory uses this information to help Airtory advertisers to identify the audience most likely to respond to a particular ad, to serve those ads, and to analyze trends.


Airtory’s Opt Out Mechanism will only opt you out of tailored advertising delivered by Airtory in this browser or in mobile applications on this device (e.g., phones, tablets). It will not opt you out of tailored advertising delivered by Airtory in other devices or in other browsers you use.

If you opt out, you will still see ads, including contextually tailored ads (i.e., ads tailored to the current website or app you are viewing) and ads based on your current location, they just may not be relevant to your interests. Airtory may also continue to collect and share the information identified above and in its Privacy Guidelines and use such information for purposes other than delivering tailored advertising.
If cookies are cleared or deleted in your browser, this may inadvertently delete the Airtory opt-out cookie, and you may need to renew your opt-out choice for that browser. Similarly, if your device’s advertising identifier is reset, you will need to renew your opt-out choice for that device.

Airtory may collect data on browsers that do not support 3rd party cookies. Airtory browser opt-out uses 1st party cookies. To the extent your browser does not support cookies or you have set your browser to not accept cookies from Airtory, the Airtory browser opt-out may not be effective.