Top 5 Ad Experiences You Need to Include in Your Website Today

Sonal Agrawal
Sonal Agrawal

Director of Growth, Airtory

Published on: 26 Aug 2021

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Online marketing has become a key to reaching potential customers on a large scale. Whether it's native advertising or some other type, ad campaigns increase user engagement, which leads to better conversion rates. However, figuring out the right target audience, connecting with them, and finally converting them into potential customers via ad campaigns is not that easy. For ensuring high conversions, your audience must understand what your website’s ad is all about. While having catchy copy and content on the landing page is necessary, giving users a fun and interactive ad experience is equally important. To help you out, we have listed the top 5 formats for instant ad experiences that you need to include in your website today!

1.Desktop Skinz

Not your regular leaderboard and channel creative, Desktop Skinz gives a whole new dimension to page takeovers. Here, the communication is not repetitive but rather interactive, having a cohesive message from the brand. One of the most effective types of page takeover ads by Airtory is the Desktop Video Skin Glide format.

An encapsulating high-impact desktop advertising unit, Desktop Video Skin Glide allows advertisers to combine a video along with banners, which helps in delivering an all-inclusive user experience. Here, the message of the ad moves along with every scroll of the user. Because of this feature, the message that the advertiser wants the user to know is present at all times within the viewport of the user, making it easier for them to know about the ad. In the Desktop Video Skin Glide ad format, the user will be redirected to the landing page of the advertiser when the user clicks anywhere on the banner.

2.Inline Ads

Delivering an engaging and immersive ad experience to the users, inline ads are yet again one of the best ad formats that advertisers need to implement on their websites today. These ads can be implemented aligned with the content, and while they are engaging, inline ads don’t disrupt the user experience in any way. This ad format is classified under native ads and can be created for both desktops as well as mobile devices.

Inline Responsive Banner + Video

Inline Responsive Banner + Video is a non-standard banner that can be aligned across devices. It has a common background image and a device-specific overlay image; however, the banner is versatile. This allows advertisers to offer a consistent ad experience across devices to the users. Adding to this, in this form of native advertising, a video can be added to the banner to deliver a more engaging ad experience. The video position is customizable and the user can click anywhere on the banner to go to the landing page.

Glide Ad

In this type of native advertising, an engaging and interactive experience is offered to the user. Here, the height of the ad can be customized, keeping the text/content that is to be placed on the image or video. When the user scrolls the page vertically, the entire image or the video is unraveled. For the video ads, the user clicks on the tap button, the video ad is played on the popup window. With Airtory, you can choose to have only images or videos or have a combination of both. 

3.Half Page Ads

If you are an advertiser who is looking for an ad format that is impossible to ignore, half-page ads are here for you. They are eye-catching display ads that can be integrated into the area of the content on the website. This helps in grabbing user attention quickly, further leading to the possibility of redirecting the user to the landing page. These can also include in-banner video ads (IBV), which makes the entire user experience even more interactive.

At Airtory, we offer IBV half-page ads in various formats –

Video Shopper

Designed especially for desktops, video shopper is an ad format that is similar to a carousel ad. But, in video shopper ads, the images are displayed one at a time with the help of 3D cube spin, taking the user engagement factor to the next level. Above the cube, a short video can be displayed, where the products or services of the brand are showcased.

Video Cube

Showing 3D cube rotation, video cube is a simple yet attention-grabbing half-page ad format, where a cube with 2 images is displayed one at a time while the cube spins a full 360-degree. In this, a short video can be integrated into the center of the image that plays as the cube spins.

4.Square Ads 

More than just the animated ads, square ads are one of the most popular ad sizes in the digital advertising space and a favorite of online marketers. Here, instead of the static or standard animated ads, engaging elements and videos can be added that takes the user experience to the next level. Square ads can be created for both desktop and mobile devices. At Airtory, you can choose from a range of formats for both devices. Some of the formats for instant ad experiences include –

For desktop ads and mobile ads, 

  • Falling Panels
  • Window Shopping
  • Inception
  • Video Wall
  • 360-video
  • Slide In

5.Mobile Interstitials 

Lastly, mobile interstitial ad formats are what should make it to your website or app. They are full-screen, interactive ads that cover the host app or site interface. The interstitial ads are placed at transition points or breaks like in between activities or game levels, and so on. Catalog, Ferris Wheel, Music Player, Scratch to Reveal, and Trivia, to name a few are some of the mobile interstitial ads that Airtory offers.

Other than this, at Airtory, we also offer responsive ads, expandable ads, leaderboard, and large leaderboard ads, and much more.

With these ad formats on your website, your user’s ad experience will shoot up by notches and also help increase direct sale revenues exponentially.

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