The Undeniable Importance of Statistics in Advertising

The Undeniable Importance of Statistics in Advertising

Ashwin Krishnakumar
Ashwin Krishnakumar

Chief Technology Officer, Airtory

Published on: 16 Aug 2023

Reading time: 5 minutes

Gone are the days when ad campaigns used to be hit-or-miss concepts. Thanks to easy access to online advertising statistics, determining the success of an ad campaign is not a challenge anymore. From market research to campaign testing, social media advertising, or TV advertising, statistics play a major role in all aspects of advertising. In present times, more and more businesses are making use of statistics to track ad performance and determine the success of their ad campaigns. In the fast-evolving advertising industry, there are a number of new concepts that can make it happen, with advertising tracking being one of them. 

What is Ad Tracking?                                                                      

Ad tracking, or advertising tracking, can be defined as a process that can not only help in checking the effectiveness of an advertisement but also in tracking the ROI of ad spending. Ad statistics can play a major role in tracking the performance of an advertising campaign, and this is exactly what ad tracking does. 

There are several different methods available for ad tracking. You can figure out which one is most appropriate for your goals before making a choice. Some of the common ad tracking methods are:

Tracking URLs

A tracking URL, as the name suggests, is the URL to a page on your website with a tracking tag. The code placed at the end is the only thing that makes a tracking URL different from a normal URL. When a user visits this URL, it tracks all the significant information about them. That information can be anything like the keyword they used before landing here, the campaign that led them to your page, etc. Generally, this method of ad tracking is more suitable for PPC, email, and ad campaigns on other websites. They can help you determine the right sources for conversion.

Tracking Pixels

Tracking pixels are small, transparent images that are generally placed over ads, in emails, or anywhere on web pages. When a user clicks on that ad, opens an email, or browses the webpage, these pixels automatically load. This is the way to check how many times that particular ad, email, or webpage has been viewed.

Ad Viewability Tracking

Being an advertiser, you always need to ensure whether your ad is making the right impact or not, and this is when the concept of ad viewability comes into play. Obtaining viewability metrics is an important aspect of ad tracking. This gives you information about the actual number of times an ad has appeared in front of users.

Verification Tracking

In today’s time when there are too many instances of ad fraud, verification tracking can go a long way toward making your ad campaigns successful. This is a process that allows you to check if your ads are displayed in the right context and on the right websites. Other than this, you can also check which part of a webpage our ad is being placed on. This way, you can maintain relevance while ensuring that your ads are shown only to your target audience. 


Cookies are important elements that can help you gain important information about user behavior across multiple sessions. When it comes to ad tracking, cookies can help build a user profile based on their web activity and habits. Advertisers can use these user profiles to serve their audience with ads that align with their interests.


There are several benefits of incorporating ad tracking into your digital marketing strategy. Some of them are:

Know Your Audience Better

In the current digital marketing landscape, it has become important for brands to understand what their audience wants. And what can be a better way to know your target audience than through ad tracking? By employing advanced tracking techniques, you can not only serve your audience better but also gain an upper hand over your competitors. When done right, it can offer you useful advertising stats that help you develop a better understanding of the users’ requirements and behavior. When you have all that information, you will be able to offer them a better ad experience.

Optimize Your Ad Campaigns

No matter how much effort or time you put into an advertising campaign, if it fails to cater to the needs of your target audience, you won’t get the desired results. With the help of ad tracking, you get useful ad stats that give you a better idea about the interests of your audience. This also helps you get an idea of what encourages them to engage with a brand and optimize your ad campaign accordingly.

Achieve a Better ROI 

Digital marketing is a very broad concept that includes a number of different factors. As a result, creating a successful advertising campaign can be really expensive. When a brand spends a hefty amount on a campaign, it also expects solid returns from the overall ad spending. Although this may seem like an easy thing to do, ensuring a positive ROI can be a real challenge. For this, you need to have a clear idea about the requirements of your target users. This is when ad tracking comes into play. It allows you to create customized ads for your audience depending on the advertising stats. Other than this, with efficient verification tracking of your ads, you can minimize the chances of any ad fraud. This ensures that your ad spend is being utilized in the right way. When you know that you are serving your audience with the right kind of ads at the right time and place, you can definitely achieve a better ROI. 

How to Get Started?

There is no denying the fact that ad tracking can help you make the most of your ad campaigns. It can help brands determine how their digital marketing efforts and advertising campaigns are performing at scale. In order to get started, the first thing you need to do is identify your KPIs. 

If you also want to design engaging ads for your brand with ad tracking integrated into your campaign, you can consider Airtory. Apart from being comprehensive ad creation software, Airtory also helps you with competitive ad tracking. Our ads come with top-class in-built ad trackers that provide detailed interaction stats that DSPs can't. It also offers advanced supply analytics for better insight into ad performance. Our trackers also give you significant information about geolocation, device, OS, domain, day, time, etc. so that you can optimize your ads efficiently.

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