Social Display Ads: The Best Advertising Type to Fit Your Brand Aptly

Social Display Ads: The Best Advertising Type to Fit Your Brand Aptly

Julian Frachtman
Julian Frachtman

Chief Executive Officer, Airtory

Published on: 03 Feb 2023

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Over the years, the history of advertising has reached several significant turning points as a result of ongoing adaptation and modification to fit new channels and consumers. Most importantly, it has evolved greatly throughout the course of time. The internet, with its capacity to gather billions of data points on consumers, is the media that has had the most influence on the history of advertising and advertising personalization.

As technology has advanced, consumers are deluged with trillions of ads. But advertising is becoming less 'interruptive' and more sophisticated in reaching the right people at the right time. 

Types of Digital Advertising

Digital advertising has dominated the marketing business over the last few years and will continue to do so in the years to come. Therefore, it's crucial for companies, advertisers, and marketers to keep up with the current trends! Yet, with all the variations in digital advertising formats, how can anyone possibly stay abreast of the latest developments in the industry? The key is to constantly do research and ensure that you are aware of all the types of digital advertising.

The major types of digital ads are display, social media, native, search, mobile, direct mail, PPC, video, and email marketing. Numerous aspects of the various forms of digital advertising are similar to each other and can even be utilised in tandem with one another. For instance, social, native, and display advertising can appear on a Facebook newsfeed, but each will be viewed differently by the user. Another illustration is the usage of video adverts as display ads.

But the two most significant types of advertisements used in today's contemporary era to seamlessly reach the target audience are Display Advertising and Social Media Advertising.

Display Advertising

It is a type of online advertising that uses identifiable ads. These can include banner ads at the tops or sides of web pages and pop-up ads. Another example would be the video ads that appear before or during streaming video content. Rich Media Display advertising encourages users to click on them to move to the company's website, often to make a purchase. These advertisements are prevalent online, though sometimes that can make them easy for consumers to ignore.

The benefits of display advertising are many, like; they are visually appealing, reach consumers on the go by using the strategy of geofencing, and offer the option of remarketing and retargeting your deliverables to the public. 

Social Media Advertising

Social media advertising is a kind of digital marketing that makes use of social networks such as Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram to deliver paid social ads to your target audience. Social media ads are an effective and quick way to connect with your customers and boost your marketing campaigns. They focus on reaching customers based on their geographic location, age group, or buying habits amongst other targeting parameters. Advertisers pay for the platforms to promote their advertisements, or they can use more organic methods. Thus, they are buyer persona-targeted ads on social media.

The benefits of using Social Media Ads are it allows you to reach people globally, and enhance your brand visibility locally and internationally by breaking the barriers of location, time, and space. Moreover, the cost of social network advertising is relatively modest compared to other forms of advertising.

What's Right For Your Business?

Confused between what is the best type of ads, whether social media or display. In a perfect world, you can seamlessly advertise on all platforms all the time. You can opt for  Social Display Advertising where you get the blended benefits of both social media- and display advertising

Known as "Social Display Adverts," these advertisements take the form of pre-existing posts or ads on social media platforms and re-deliver them as display banners. It is a productive strategy to promote your brand online, whether your campaign's goal is brand recognition, retargeting, or driving conversions.

Social Display ads combine the engaging experience of social media with the vast reach of direct display advertising. This dynamic blend delivers huge cost-savings on creative production, and bringing social and display together makes it easier for brands to unify their data.

The benefits of social display ads are:

Retargeting done right: With social display ads, unlock retargeting in the correct way to drive greater performance and outcomes for your campaign.

Increased engagement: Social display ads generates 10x greater engagement than traditional banner ads.

Fast reach across the targeted audience: Social display ads are the best tool to put your brand in front of your ideal group in a targeted and oriented manner and fast! 

Offer seamless experience to your ideal audience: These ads have an enhanced ad recall mechanism and high viewability rates when done with proper images, text, and animated videos, ultimately boosting your brand awareness.

Who Can Utilise Social Display Advertising?

Any brand and business that wants to reach its customers globally and actively use social media to engage and interact with its customers can efficiently use social display advertising for better reach and popularity of its brand. 

Some of the renowned brands using this advertising type are ADIDAS, CHANEL, LOUIS VUITTON, etc. When incorporated into the marketing mix, social display ads can outperform traditional banners and produce a boost across all advertising initiatives. All third-party display measuring systems, including desktop and mobile channels, is compatible with Social Display.

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