How to Maximize Returns from Campaigns on Digital Advertising Platforms

How to Maximize Returns from Campaigns on Digital Advertising Platforms

Julian Frachtman
Julian Frachtman

Chief Executive Officer, Airtory

Published on: 16 Aug 2023

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Now more than ever, businesses are investing in digital marketing since the technology at their disposal gives advertisers more visibility than ever before. The transparency given by digital advertising platforms allows advertisers to reach a larger audience than traditional advertising methods. As more traditional brands hop onto the digital bandwagon, the importance of digital advertising platforms is realized even more. Some of the top advertising platforms nowadays not just provide a significant audience reach but also personalized handholding, important insights, and other beneficial features to maximize the advertisers’ ROIs.

What are Digital Advertising Platforms?

With technology advancing at lightning speed, advertisers need to be on a constant lookout for effective ways to increase their reach, measure performance, and maximize ROAS. Digital marketing platforms can prove to be a useful tool in this regard, allowing for personalized digital ad exchange between consumers and advertisers. These platforms can help advertisers get their message across via relevant online channels. Digital ad platforms offer various features and capabilities to successfully launch and manage digital advertising campaigns, while also enabling advertisers to build their ads and reach their target audiences across multiple online advertising platforms and across devices. 

The best advertising platforms also offer comprehensive performance tracking and reporting features to support effective brand strategy creation.

How Advertisers Maximize Returns from Digital Advertising Platforms

In today’s digitally savvy world, digital advertising has become essential to any business’s marketing strategy. To maximize ROIs and determine whether an ad campaign is making or losing money, it is important to measure the return on ad spend, also known as ROAS. Here are some of the best ways for advertisers to maximize their ROAS from online digital advertising platforms.

Create ad experiences and not ads

The first step to generating the best returns from digital advertising platforms is creating ad experiences and not just ads. Producing ad experiences with interactive elements also helps increase brand recall, for it is an experience that a user tends to remember rather than the barrage of ads you generally come across online. For instance, have you ever double-tapped on a digital media ad on any social media platform, only to realize afterward that it was an ad? This is where ad experiences matter and not just ads with some branded content written on them. As digital marketing seeps deeper into marketing techniques, ads have become more contextual, relevant, targeted, and helpful in many ways they could never have before. In crisp, ads have become content, which helps grab the customer's attention and converse with the traditional ways.

Experiment with your marketing mix

Different ad formats play a crucial role in the impact of your ad campaigns. Advertisers sometimes want to experiment with different ad formats for a single campaign to see what’s working and what’s not. Creating a marketing mix does not always ensure that the ad format you chose in your previous ad campaign will work exceptionally well in your future campaigns as well. Hence, with digital marketing platforms, advertisers can create multiple ad formats to create a robust media planning strategy.

Mitigate risks

Irrespective of company size, an advertiser always takes audience feedback across digital assets and wears multiple hats. Most digital ad platforms today are self-service, which allows advertisers to have more control over their digital campaigns. Additionally, with real-time access to detailed analytics and reports, advertisers can even modify or adjust their live campaigns to ensure better performance and ROIs. 

Tracks your performance

Campaign reports are crucial when it comes to your advertising efforts. All your advertising efforts need to be tracked to see if they effectively drive conversions. By clearly understanding what is working and what is not, advertisers can easily adjust their existing advertising campaigns. Some of the best online digital advertising platforms offer advertisers useful insights that help them make effective advertising strategies and optimize ad campaigns for better results.

Optimize your marketing strategy

In the rapidly expanding digital space, advertisers need to consistently modify and adapt their digital marketing strategies to ensure success. Reaching the right audience at the right time on the right digital platform and with the right message is crucial. This is another aspect where the right digital ad platform can prove to be significantly helpful. Using tools like dynamic content optimization, advertisers can expand their reach and ensure relevance. Further, with access to real-time performance metrics, advertisers can even make the required changes to their live campaigns, while also gaining deeper insights into their target audience and their preferences.

Strategize, test, and modify

Finally, to maximize ROAS from digital advertising platforms, advertisers need to test and optimize their ad campaigns continuously. This involves monitoring the executed ad campaigns, analyzing data, and making necessary adjustments. Most digital advertising platforms allow advertisers to perform A/B testing to understand which ad strategies are working best. Testing helps advertisers strategize, test, and modify their ad campaigns and presents them with a unique look at what performs well and what doesn’t.

In conclusion, measuring the effectiveness of ROAS lets advertisers optimize their ad campaigns to better meet their marketing objectives. Achieving a lower ROAS means advertisers must revise their advertising plan to check what’s going wrong. Some of the issues that negatively affect your ROAS include having unsatisfied customers and unoptimized ad campaigns, to name a few. With digital marketing platforms, advertisers can take the necessary steps to regain their ROAS to succeed in today’s highly competitive business environment.

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