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Sonal Agrawal
Sonal Agrawal

Director of Growth, Airtory

Published on: 25 Aug 2022

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Dynamic creative solutions offer marketers the opportunity to enhance the creative aspect of their digital ads with data. Combining data and creativity to create online ads that are impactful and engaging is what Dynamic Creative Optimization (DCO) is all about. Today, users are looking for personalization in every sphere of their lives, even in the ads they consume. DCO is a display ad technology that creates personalized online ads that are based on real-time data about the user at the time when the ad is being served. A popular example of display ads that utilize dynamic creative solutions is retargeting ads, which use data about the user’s browsing behavior, the products they are viewing, what they are adding to their carts, etc., to show dynamic content.

The creative ad solutions that DCO offers are tested and optimized and personalized for the user, which is why they tend to create a lasting impact as compared to other display ads. 

So, it may be said that dynamic creative optimization involves taking your conventional banner ads and infusing them with analytics, real-time testing, and creative optimization through data sources to create hyper-relevant dynamic creative ad solutions.

The Role of Creative Management Platforms in Dynamic Creative Optimization

A creative management platform (CMP) is a cloud-based software that offers marketers a range of tools and capabilities to create engaging ads for their digital campaigns. The creative platform also offers features that allow you to instantly create multiple adaptations of the same ad to suit the specifications of various publisher sites. CMPs can also be referred to as a programmatic creative platform or ad builder tool, which among its many offerings, also covers dynamic creative solutions. In simple terms, a CMP can also be used as a platform for dynamic creative optimization.

In dynamic creative optimization, the platform can be used to set up the guidelines, add the data feeds, and generate the creative elements that are needed for the functioning of DCO. The creative management platform will therefore function as an optimization engine for the mass production and control of all the design variations your DCO campaigns need.

The Need for Dynamic Creative Optimization Platform

Using the best creative management platform to run DCO campaigns, marketers can now take the personalization aspect of their ads to a whole new level. DCO is data-driven advertising that identifies such specific interests, helping advertisers get a better understanding of user data, which is key to serving hyper-relevant ads for higher click-through rates and conversions. For example, there may be two individuals who are interested in buying the same car and have been looking into it for some time. However, one is conducting their research in Oregon and the other is in Florida. DCO can help identify such specifics about the user, allowing advertisers to display ads to the users based on where they are, directing them towards the nearest point-of-sale. This can help ensure high relevance as well as personalization for users, every time. The right platform and dynamic creative optimization can help create campaigns with high engagement, as users today look for enhanced personalization everywhere.

Benefits of Dynamic Creative Optimization Platform

DCO allows advertisers to harness the advantages of personalized advertising to boost the performance of digital campaigns.

Using creative management platforms for DCO brings many benefits to the table, some of which include:

  • Creating Valuable Online Experiences for Consumers: DCO is a form of programmatic advertising that helps optimize a digital campaign’s creative performance. It provides precious consumer insights that advertisers can utilize to deliver engaging content that is personalized for relevance across audience segments.
  • Data Feed Set Up: The best creative management platforms today offer advertisers the capability to set up their own data feeds for DCO campaigns, eliminating the need for third-party vendors. This further allows advertisers to streamline the process of setting up even hundreds and thousands of ads with ease. So, if the advertiser wants to set up several variations of the same ad for different locations or products, DCO can be utilized to automate and streamline the grunt work involved in the creation of such displays.
  • Real-Time Ad Response: DCO allows for quick data collection and the creation of personalized ads that are relevant to different users. It responds and adapts to consumer behavior in real-time, displaying dynamic ads accordingly.
  • Optimized Workflow: With DCO, there is no need to set up hundreds of variations of the same display ad, each with a small change in details to make them relevant for different audience segments, based on parameters like age, location, product retargeting, etc. With the automation of this aspect of the campaign, advertisers can save a lot of time and effort.

Dynamic creative optimization using a suitable creative management platform can offer plenty of benefits to advertisers. In fact, as DCO utilizes real-time data feeds to collect information about the user, parameters like their browsing behavior, products for which they showed purchase intent, location statistics, etc. can provide deep insight for the creation of hyper-relevant ads that align with the users’ interests. So, the ability of DCO to display highly relevant ads is not only beneficial for advertisers but for consumers as well as the ads are personalized for individuals, and more often than not are of interest to them, helping them move forward in their purchase journey. When the ads are aligned with real-time data, they deliver a unique advertising experience to users and even help avoid ad fatigue.

DCO campaigns and CMPs enable personalized marketing at its best and that is why both are necessary for the best great results for digital campaigns where performance is key. This holds especially true for lower-funnel campaigns, like retargeting ads. Using the best creative management platform for DCO campaigns, advertisers can realize a high level of control in creating and serving ads to specific audiences.

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