How Personalized Ads Can Help Improve Your Digital Marketing Campaign

How Personalized Ads Can Help Improve Your Digital Marketing Campaign

Sonal Agrawal
Sonal Agrawal

Director of Growth, Airtory

Published on: 03 Feb 2023

Reading time: 4 minutes

It is not uncommon for people to come across online ads for things they had been looking at recently online or things they may have been researching about. Even in earlier times, just because an ad was served in a magazine or shown on TV, it did not mean that there was no targeting involved. Personalized advertising has been gaining a lot of traction in recent times. However, designing ads that are personal for the audience is a concept that has been around for ages, getting more sophisticated with time as new advancements bring newer capabilities and insights to marketers.

The changes and development in ad personalization over the years can be attributed to data. With the internet providing detailed data about a consumer’s online journey, what they click, what sites they like, etc., there is ample user data available for savvy marketers who know how to utilize the information at hand for the best results. To this date, add advanced analytics and automation technology, and you will be able to generate unprecedented insights for a better understanding of your audience.

The Importance of Customized Ads in Today’s Marketing Scenario

Personalized advertising has a lot of benefits to offer, not only for marketers and brands but even for consumers. It offers marketers the opportunity to deliver tailored messages to the right user at the right time, for maximum impact. On the other hand, today’s tech-savvy consumers are increasingly on the lookout for personalized experiences and services, which is a requirement that extends to the ads they see as well. With personalized ads, users can enjoy a consistent and cohesive experience across channels, instead of being overloaded with too much information, while also feeling valued as individuals.

Benefits of Using Personalized Ads in Your Digital Campaigns

Having undergone a significant revolution, ad creation and personalization have become extremely easy for marketers who have access to good-quality data and know how to use it. Some of the best benefits of going personal with ads include:

They Help in Quick Lead Generation

Helping overcome issues like Banner Blindness, the wide range of online channels where your audience is present, and much more, personalized ads are tailored for relevance. They have proven to be more effective than non-personalized ads in terms of performance as they tend to get higher click-through rates. As the ads are personal and more relevant for the end user, they are more likely to be clicked as well. Companies that focus on personalization have 40% more revenue potential, with 89% of marketers seeing positive ROI thanks to personalization in their campaigns.   

Low CPAs

High relevance helps lower the costs per acquisition for a digital campaign that utilizes personalized ads. They in turn also help improve the likelihood of getting conversions.

Ad Personalization – Doing It Right!

The advantages of customizing ads based on user data must be balanced with the liabilities it comes with. While everyone enjoys a tailored ad experience, it is important to pay heed to concerns about targeted advertising and behavior tracking practices that violate customer privacy. Toeing the line with ad personalization without being invasive is of extreme importance.

Building customer trust, offering users more control over the information they share, and sometimes a small justification of why a seemingly private detail is being asked for, are some measures that may work in your favor.

Using An Ad Builder Platform for Streamlining Your Ad Personalization Processes

Enables Creativity and Variation

Ad personalization for ensuring relevance for a wide range of users can sound quite intimidating at first. However, with some of the best ad platforms, like Airtory offering a range of features and capabilities for automation, the entire process can be optimized to perfection. You can utilize Airtory to take care of repetitive and mundane routine tasks like scaling, creating ad variations, etc., and rest assured that the entire production process will hardly take any time at all, leaving you free to be creative and able to focus on other important aspects like strategizing, brainstorming, etc. In the meantime, your customized ads, their variations, and scaled units, ideal for placement across a wide range of channels will be ready in the blink of an eye.

Facilitates Smooth Collaboration Between Stakeholders

Airtory, one of the best ad builder platforms, is truly agile and facilitates efficient workflows across organizations. All digital platforms, whether big or small, require thorough, seamless project management. The easier the collaboration process is between stakeholders from different functional teams of the organization, the better your ad campaign performs, reaching the right set of audiences, at the right time, with the right ad. Tools like in-platform ad creation, editing and approval capabilities, etc., can make a real difference in enabling smooth collaboration between teams and ensuring better workflow.

Provides Real-time Data

Once you’ve delivered relevance, staying relevant becomes important. This is the only way you will be able to keep personalizing online ad campaigns in the coming times as well. With Airtory’s ad builder platform, you can gain real-time insights into the performance of your digital campaigns for a better understanding of what works and what doesn’t. The platform also allows you to modify your active campaigns for better results in real time.

It is easy to see that ad personalization is the call of the hour for any marketer who wants to stand out from the crowd, in a landscape that is becoming increasingly competitive by the day, with innumerable brands vying for user attention. However, it is crucial for marketers to understand what their audience views as an engaging and valued ad experience and what will be construed as an invasion of privacy, so they can maximize the potential of their personalized advertising practices.

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