Rich Media Display

If a user engages with a brand’s advertisement, the brand recall will be higher. Airtory helps you build engaging, effective and economical Rich Media ads for Branding Campaigns to ensure better performance and higher ROI.

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Deliver Unique Ad Experiences

Airtory gives brand campaigns a new and unique twist making it a memorable ad experience for users. Captivate your audience with exceptional ads, improving brand engagement and adding value to media investments.


No Technical Expertise

You do what you do best - working magic with words and colours to make a smashing creative and we take care of the rest.

Partnering with Airtory would allow advertisers to sit back, relax and watch the magic of Rich Media ads development unfold in mere minutes.


Real Time Analytics

Track your ad performance real time and optimize your campaign on the go.

Detailed reporting of interaction, which are unique to each ad experience gives a funnel view of the user journey, allowing you to break down the message analysis.


Ad Fraud Detection for Increased ROI

Our systems are enabled to track and block any fraud traffic coming through. You immediately be alerted of this activity, allowing you to identify and crack down on the source of the bad traffic.