Airtory’s Creative Management Platform allows publishers to significantly save on ad operations overhead, leveraging Airtory’s 40+ native units and 260+ rich media templates while still delivering value to their advertisers and impactful experiences to end users.

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Use Airtory to supercharge your direct sales efforts by bringing your pitch units to life in RFPs. With our Creative Management Platform, you can make ads in minutes not hours.
Save time and money on ad creation AND ad serving costs. Airtory’s simple pricing model helps you better control costs on your end and pricing to your customers.
Leverage Airtory’s landing page creation suite as a value add in your direct sold campaigns. Driving traffic to a custom and dedicated page will improve campaign narrative and performance as well as differentiate your value proposition.
rocket boost ad revenues effortlessly

Take Control of Performance

Airtory helps publishers differentiate their offering and drive greater performance with a wide array of native and programmatic ad formats, hyper-converting landing pages, and real-time ad serving analytics.

one tag rule them all

One Tag To Rule Them All

Tap into unseen revenue opportunities throughout your property. Single, easy to use tag and no hard coding. Airtory publishers platform helps you to create, deploy and manage dynamic display and rich media interactive native ad units across all devices. Our units blend in with your content and are highly customized to fit specific page layouts and preserve user experiences. With highly engaging interactive experiences, tap, shake and scratch your way into audience’s heart!

Self-Serve +

Self-Serve +

Make your guaranteed inventory accessible to more customers by listing off-the-shelf placements on Airtory’s new Self-Serve Plus software. Give your customers the tools they need to create and manage engaging and high-performing advertising campaigns on the flight dates and the native formats they want.

200 percent extra revenue

Enjoy 30-200% Extra Revenue

Depends on website traffic, selected placements and existing ads.