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When the co-founders of Airtory set out to build this young and dynamic company, they had a vision of finding an easy, efficient and economical method to incorporate AR and VR into digital ads. Little did they know, they were in for a surprise. Circa 2015, the digital advertising industry shied away from including Rich Media digital ads due to the complexity of it, so, AR & VR ads were still years away. Thus, Airtory - a Creative Management Platform, was born.

From early 2016 till now, the team at Airtory has developed a breakthrough proprietary platform that allows advertisers to build high performing Rich Media ads within minutes.

Airtory’s vision is simple, we want to help deliver better looking and performing ads which will help advertisers get more out of the money they spend on each impression.

December 2015
Domain acquired
January 2016
Development of platform started
May 2016
Initial launch of the platform
July 2016
Launch of friends and family round
October 2016
First campaign - Burger King
March 2017
Launch of Video Ad Formats
June 2017
Opened Sales Office in Mumbai, India
August 2017
Launch of Desktop Ad Formats
January 2018
Launch of Native Ads
February 2018
Seed Round
January 2019
Launch of Landing Page Builder
February 2019
First Press Coverage
Avg. Increased CTR
Impressions Delivered
Julian Frachtman
Julian Frachtman
Chief Executive Officer
Former Co-Founder of Perk.com ($40 million Exit to Rhythm One) Lead Sales and Account Management
Ashwin Krishnakumar
Ashwin Krishnakumar
Chief Technology Officer
Founding Engineer of Perk.com
Lead Product and Dev Ops

The founders of Airtory collectively have over 10 years of expertise in Ad Tech. Put that experience and their urge to make the world of digital advertising simpler and we have Airtory since 2016.

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